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Camilo reflects on life in social networks: “celebrate the person you are here and now, without dressing up as anything”

Camilo. (photo: Week)

In a concert held in Colombia on December 7 in Bogotá, Camiloone of the most popular Latin American artists among young people, reflected on the patterns that are being followed in the social networks and above all, in instagram.

“We are in a world where they tell us that we have to be someone else, someone we are not. That we have to have someone else’s abs, that we have to have a certain amount of followers on Instagram that someone else has, that if we don’t have a certain amount of likes in the photos we’re not cool,” the artist began in his speech.

The foregoing, taking into account that these digital platforms show a “perfection” in the bodies of the models or the complexion of the influencers without any type of pimple, the singer has always shown himself in the simplest way possible with his wife Evaluna, and he wanted to convey to his followers that they can be themselves, that they love each other and not worry about the “fake” life that many people have on social networks.

“And we spend our lives trying to be a person we are not, and probably never will be. And we lose the opportunity to celebrate the person we are here and now, without dressing up as anything. I believe Bogotá that you deserve to be celebrated, because there is no one like you”, followed by applause that he himself Camilo He made towards the microphone, which he placed between his legs.

Camilo reflects on the mental health of people on social networks

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Camilo is authentic, and seeks the same for his followers

Frankly, Camilo looks like a craftsman The image of him is perfectly worked so as not to go unnoticed. He flees from the typical stereotype of an artist, differentiating himself from anyone who may be his competition. An unusual mustache today, clothing, necklaces, bracelets and tattoos, define an unconventional star. On the other hand, like every tribe, he must have a symbol.

In this case, two intertwined hands reminiscent of the tribal tents of, for example, the indigenous people. Undoubtedly, a perfectly recognizable symbology by its public that is exploited in any concert, interview, photograph or post. It is his personal identity, and everyone knows it. Thus, closed his reflection saying the following:

“At a point in my life when I thought I had to disguise myself as something I wasn’t to have a space between their lives, the Tribe he looked me in the eye and said ‘hey partner, there’s no one like you’.

Camilo reflects on the mental health of people on social networks

Camilo He wanted all the children who were at that concert to “look into a little mirror” so that instead of saying “there is no one like Camilo”, they can say to themselves “wow, there is no one like me”. And it is that finally there is nothing better than connecting with the person that one is.

If something characterizes the singer, it is closeness. break the barrier between fan and a artist constantly. He treats them as equals, “you to you” as they say. He neither shows himself nor thinks he is superior to his followers. To do this, he relies on the new emerging communication channels.

There is not social network that does not dominate He constantly seeks virality and exposes himself to the audience as he is. The simplicity, authenticity and humility stands out against the arrogance, superiority and arrogance of other world artists.

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