C. Tangana gives details about his next film at the San Sebastián Festival: “I have the ambition to make films”

C. Tangana He has not yet directed any film but he has already conquered the San Sebastián Festival. The musical artist has presented at the contest This excessive ambition, a work of epic duration directed by six hands by Santos Bacana, Cristina Trenas and Rogelio Gonzalez where the gestation of the ambitious international tour with which he took the songs of The Madrid native to the stages, but it is possible that it will not be his last visit to Zinemaldia as a creator.

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“I have the ambition to make films,” has made clear Antón Álvarez Alfaro, who we do not know if he will sign his work behind the camera with that name or the identity C. Tangana, but who does not hide his desire to start directing, something that he also makes clear in several interventions by This excessive ambition. The documentary will be released in theaters on October 26 before reaching Movistar Plus+.

At the festival’s press conference, encouraged by his friends, Pucho revealed the first details of the film he is working on. It will be a documentary about your “world’s favorite musical artist”: the flamenco guitarist Yerai Cortés, who was a member of the large group of artists who collaborated on the tour Without singing or tuning, portrayed in This excessive ambition.

“[La película] goes on him, his way of composing and who he is as an artist”, Tangana has declared, with caution. “I’m still not able to define myself as a director. I’m going to try to make a film and when I finish it we’ll see how it goes.”

A series by C. Tangana

The film about Yerai Cortés is not the only audiovisual project that occupies the horizon of Little Spain, the producer of Santos, María, Pucho, and Cristina. “We want to do things beyond the documentary,” Santos Bacana anticipated at the press conference. “We have scripts in the works and a project of a series that is in development. “It can fall at any time, but at the moment it’s pretty solid.”

This orientation towards the film field does not mean that C. Tangana is going to stop making music. “I’m going to continue releasing records and making music all my life,” has assured. Although it is likely that we will have to wait some time to hear news in this area. “The next thing I do I want to be as passionate about as the previous one. Now I don’t need to get on a wheel and be releasing songs all the time,” she explained.

What is clear is that A new stage begins for the artist. This excessive ambition could be considered, according to Santos, as “the third part of a triptych” that previously formed the album The Madrid native (2021) and tour Without playing or tuning (2022). A conclusion put together in 135 minutes during which C. Tangana shows himself vulnerable, ambitious, creative, ingenious and without restrictions, constantly recorded by his friends.

“I didn’t know how much I was opening up. because I’m used to being with them and having cameras everywhere. “We are living with that all the time.” He declared. “To me Sorrentino He tells me to jump rope and I do it, but I wouldn’t have let him record me with Rocío [Aguirre, su pareja] at home or anything that appears in the documentary.

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