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“Buy now, pay later”: Samsung India launches new payment option for flagships

Samsung has started to offer a new payment method in India for its Galaxy S and Z smartphones. Known as “Buy now, pay later”, this plan has attracted the attention of Indian consumers for its flexibility.

Developed jointly with the financial institution ICICI Bank, the plan predicts that the consumer will pay 60% of the total value of the smartphone in up to 18 installments monthly. The remaining amount (40%) must be paid at once in the 19th month.

Based on Samsung Europe prices, the Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G costs BRL 8,549 in cash. In the Indian plan, BRL 5,129 would be paid in 18 installments of BRL 284.94, while the remaining BRL 3,420 must be paid in a single installment at the end of the plan.

Image/reproduction: acquisTC.

According to Samsung India, the new payment method is valid for the Galaxy S22, Z Flip and Z Fold line, and the consumer also gets a special discount for the purchase of other products from the brand.

Those who buy the Galaxy S22 Ultra can take the Galaxy Watch 4 home for just 2,999 rupees, around R$200. If you prefer the Galaxy Buds 2, you can also take the wireless headphones for the same price.


Of course, this plan offered by Samsung has the traditional credit analysis that all banks do, since it is very close to what the market already offers in the car segment (famous “zero rate” promotions).

For now, we do not know whether Samsung will expand this new payment method to other countries, but the inflationary crisis has made consumers lose purchasing power. Therefore, offering more installment options is the solution found by the company.

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