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Bruce Willis had to hide signs of illness in recent movies

Imagem de: Bruce Willis teve que esconder sinais de doença em últimos filmes

As it was reported last Thursday (16), actor Bruce Willis, who starred in major films in the cinema, such as Hard to kill (1988) and pulp Fiction (1994), was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia (FTD). The artist’s family confirmed the fact in a statement released on social media. Previously, Willis had revealed he had aphasia.language disorder resulting from brain injury, however, as the actor’s family explained, FTD is the most assertive diagnosis, since it affects not only speech.

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  • Bruce Willis diagnosed with dementia, family reveals

Since then, Willis announces his retirement from film in order to take care of himself and spend more time with his family. But what many don’t know is that, even in his last films, the actor already faced some symptoms of his illness. According to foreign sources, the actor had to disguise the signs of aphasia (which, as we now know, consists of FTD) while recording his last scenes.

Bruce Willis marked his history in cinema by starring in several outstanding films, especially in the action genre.Source: CNN/Playback

For this reason, even, the actor would have chosen roles in which he did not need to say much, since he sometimes forgot his lines and was confused. To get around the problems, Willis would have used hidden headphones during the recordings so that he could get his lines right. in the feature death escape (2021), including, the artist has already had his screen time reduced and many lines cut, as revealed by the Los Angeles Times.

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Successful career

Currently 67 years old, Bruce Willis made his name in the history of cinema by participating in several expressive films over time. In addition to the iconic Hard to kill It is pulp Fictionthe actor was also in Sixth Sense (1999), armageddon (1998), Closed body (2000), The fifth Element (1997) and The Twelve Monkeys (1995).

In addition to having worked with renowned directors, the actor has also won some audiovisual awards throughout his career, such as the Emmy, the Golden Globe and the People’s Choice Awards.

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