Home Entertainment Breaking Bad: cast reunites in commercial at Super Bowl; see teasers

Breaking Bad: cast reunites in commercial at Super Bowl; see teasers

Imagem de: Breaking Bad: elenco se reúne em comercial no Super Bowl; veja teasers

If you are a fan of breaking bad, you will want to be sitting down to read this news: the main cast of the series created by Vince Gilligan will reunite to create a commercial, which will air during the 2023 Super Bowl, scheduled to air on February 12th. For now, only Bryan Cranston (Walter White) and Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman) appeared in the campaign, which has already won two fun teasers.

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In one of them, we see the pair of protagonists of breaking bad inside the iconic trailer where he used to “cook” (translating, make meth). Jesse is having trouble starting the vehicle, while Walter is teasing him and eating chips. Look:

In the second video, we find Jesse in a more relaxed moment, taking a break from “work” while tasting the same snacks that Walter was eating in the first teaser. Check out:

The full commercial will air during the football finals, and from the footage, it’s not yet clear if more characters from breaking bad will appear in the campaign. But if, like us, you were already missing the cast of the series, we hope so.

Since the end of breaking badin 2013, after its fifth season, Cranston and Paul appeared together on small screens only on specific occasions: in the film El Camino. 2019, and the spin-off series finale Better Call Saulwhich aired in 2022. So, seeing the actors together again will be a treat for fans.

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Super Bowl and its commercial tradition

As one of the biggest sporting events in the United States, the Super Bowl, the final of the NFL, an American football league, attracts a massive audience every year. Which, of course, draws the attention of several brands, which produce super elaborate commercials to show during the breaks of the occasion.

Advertising campaigns are known for their creativity, innovation and, sometimes, for their nostalgic appeal, since, time and again, they feature stars from Hollywood and famous series, famous singers, athletes, pop culture characters and so on. go.

We’ll be watching to see what Walter and Jesse are up to this time!

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