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Brazilian film helped Brendan Fraser win Oscar in A Baleia! Understand

Imagem de: Filme brasileiro ajudou Brendan Fraser a vencer Oscar em A Baleia! Entenda

For the happiness of Brendan Fraser fans, the actor was not only nominated for the Oscar 2023 in the category of Best Actor, one of the main ones of the ceremony, but also won it. Well, the celebration, which took place last Sunday (12), crowned the artist’s exciting performance in The Whale (The Whale)a film directed by Darren Aronofsky and scripted by Samuel D. Hunter, who also wrote the play of the same name on which the project was based.

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  • Is The Whale: Oscar movie good or is it only highlighted by Brendan Fraser?

But what if we told you that it all started here in Brazil, in São Paulo, to be more specific? We explain: during some interviews, director Darren Aronofsky revealed that he was having a lot of difficulty choosing who would be the interpreter of Charlie, protagonist of The whale. “It took me ten years to make The whale, because I couldn’t choose the lead actor”, he said in a statement at the film’s release. Until, while browsing YouTube, he came across the trailer for 12 Hours Until Dawn (Journey to the End of the Night) and everything changed.

Launched in 2006, in a partnership between Brazil, Germany and the United States, 12 Hours Until Dawn it was directed by Eric Eason, shot in São Paulo and had, guess who, in the cast? Himself: Brendan Fraser. “I fell into this trailer for a small Brazilian movie and there was Brendan Fraser. A little older, but with the same eyes. That impossible blue filled with warmth and depth. It hit me: I had found Charlie”, explained the filmmaker. In other words, if it weren’t for the feature film filmed in green and yellow soil, perhaps Fraser would not be where he is today, nor would he have won his first Oscar. career.

Meet 12 Hours Until Dawn

According to IMDb, the film 12 Hours Until Dawn follows “the story of a son and his father plotting separately to escape the desolation of their lives in the sinister underworld of Brazil’s sex industry”. In the narrative, Brendan Fraser lives Paul, an American established in São Paulo who owns a brothel. Upon finding a suitcase worth a million dollars, the character starts a police and suspense plot that affects the lives of everyone involved with him.

  • The Whale: understand the end of the film with Brendan Fraser

Another very cool curiosity is that the cast of 12 Hours Until Dawn allowed the actor to The whale acted with well-known Brazilian figures, such as Alice Braga, Matheus Nachtergaele and Milhem Cortaz. In addition to them, the film also featured names like Yasiin Bey (Mos Def), Scott Glenn, Catalina Sandino Moreno, Ruy Polanah, Gilson Adalberto Gomes, Luke Denis Nolan, Antonio Pinto and Ana Paula Demambro.

Chance, fate, luck, call it what you will. The fact is that the double between Aronofsky and Fraser happened and it was a success, despite all the controversies that The whale been collecting since before its official release. Is there more of the duo coming around?

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