Brazil loses the position of “most expensive iPhone in the world” to Turkey


Over the last few years, Brazil has maintained an undesirable record, with the most expensive iPhone on the planet. However, this ungrateful post passed to Turkey, due to several recent economic factors.

  • Brazilians need to work 74 days to buy an iPhone 14 Pro, on average
  • Apple starts pre-selling iPhone 14 in the US and launches new accessories in Brazil

With this, Turkish users will need to pay, at least, the equivalent of R$8,855 for the initial model of the iPhone 14 line. The price of each version of the smartphone can be seen below, compared to the Brazilian price:

iPhone version Price in Brazil

price in Turkey

(Lira converted directly to real)

iPhone 14 – 128 GB BRL 7,599 BRL 8,855
iPhone 14 – 256 GB BRL 8,599 BRL 9,598
iPhone 14 – 512 GB BRL 10,599 BRL 11,112
iPhone 14 Plus – 128GB BRL 8,599 BRL 9,998
iPhone 14 Plus – 256 GB BRL 9,599 BRL 10,740
iPhone 14 Plus – 512 GB BRL 11,599 BRL 12,254
iPhone 14 Pro – 128GB BRL 9,499 BRL 11,426
iPhone 14 Pro – 256 GB BRL 10,499 BRL 12,169
iPhone 14 Pro – 512GB BRL 12,499 BRL 13,683
iPhone 14 Pro – 1TB BRL 14,499 BRL 15,197
iPhone 14 Pro Max – 128GB BRL 10,499 BRL 12,569
iPhone 14 Pro Max – 256 GB BRL 11,499 BRL 13,311
iPhone 14 Pro Max – 512 GB BRL 13,499 BRL 14,825
iPhone 14 Pro Max – 1TB BRL 15,499 BRL 16,339

As a result, Brazil ranks second in the ranking of the most expensive iPhones in the world. This trend has remained constant across all 14 versions of the iPhone 14 revealed by Apple this week.

The values ​​show that the change did not happen due to a reduction in prices for the domestic market, not least because it did not happen. In fact, it was Turkey that saw prices rise significantly in this one-year period.

Turkey goes through economic crisis


This situation has deeper causes: Turkey is going through a severe economic crisis, in which inflation rates have exceeded 80% annually – rates recorded for the first time in 20 years in the country.

In the most critical moments of last year, the Lira lost 15% of its value against the dollar in a matter of hours. As a result, Apple had to suspend the sale of its products in Turkey, and only resumed it after making a 25% increase in the price of the devices.

The other end of the list

iPhone 14 Pro Max had its price increased in Turkey because of inflation (Image: Disclosure / Apple)

As is often the case every year, the United States has the most affordable iPhone in the world. There, the cheapest model costs the equivalent of R$4,319, and the most advanced one costs R$8,330 — these values ​​do not consider state taxes.


Following, the countries with the most affordable iPhone 14 are Japan, Hong Kong and Canada. In these places, the price charged is about half of that seen in Brazil — the 1TB Pro Max model, which costs R$15,499 in Brazil, can be purchased for the equivalent of R$8,669 in Japan, for example.

Meanwhile, the European continent still registers considerable rates of inflation, and this has also been reproduced in Apple devices. The brand increased some prices after the event on Wednesday (7), as was the case of the iPhone SE 2022, which went from 419 to 449 pounds sterling in the UK – approximately R$2,504 to R$2,683, in direct conversion. In Brazil we also had some price adjustments, but fortunately with reductions instead of increases.

Source: Nukeni, via 9to5Mac

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