“Borgen” returns with its fourth season: what will the return of the series that showed another way of doing politics be like?

Trailer for “Borgen: Kingdom, Power and Glory”. (Netflix)

birgitte nyborg Y Katrine Fønsmark return for a new season thanks to the intentions of Netflix to revive one of the hit series in recent years produced outside the US market. Borgen: kingdom, power and glory will be the name of this revival that it will not have a strict continuation of the third season but was described by its creators as an “independent continuation”. It is starring again Sidse Babett Knudsen Y Birgitte Hjort Sørensen.

This fourth season of Borgen It has a broader name because they want to make a distinction not only as a product (Netflix is ​​co-producer here), but also as a theme. The stories that will take place in the new eight chapters offer, in addition to a current look, a more global one and the implications of international events on the Danish government. The series premiered in the Nordic countries on April 14 and only on June 2 in the rest of the world and through Netflix. The fiction has already been in production for two years and the announcement was made in April 2020, at which time the DR network and Netflix signed the agreement.

The series premiered in the Nordic countries on April 14.  (Netflix)
The series premiered in the Nordic countries on April 14. (Netflix)

Borgen It debuted in 2010 and lasted until March 2013, which would be the last chapter of the political intrigue fiction. 30 episodes were enough for it to become not only one of the most acclaimed television productions of the genre (like The West Wing Y House of Cards), but also as an example that there may be another way of doing politics. Not to mention having a woman at the center of the scene at the political level. birgitte nyborg (Sidse Babett Knudsen), who became the first woman to reach the position of Prime Minister of Denmark, a country with six million inhabitants, is where the fiction begins. She presented an interesting map of conflicts where politics, power and the media interact with each other to exhibit an interesting perspective on the field in which fiction moves. Of course through her characters, very well outlined and constructed.

Adam Price returns to take the lead of the series as head writer. The producer is also sure to be identified for having written series such as Something to believe in Y ragnarok, series found on Netflix. The fun fact is that in addition to being a great TV writer, he is one of the best-known chefs on Danish cooking shows. In addition to Price, Sidse Babett Knudsen Y Birgitte Hjort Sørensenthe protagonists, also return to embody their respective roles as Birgitte Nyborg and Katrine Fønsmark: the former returns as Foreign Minister after spending a long time in the opposition, while the latter left her role as press officer for politics and returned to journalism.

The fiction has already been in production for two years and the announcement was made in April 2020. (Netflix)
The fiction has already been in production for two years and the announcement was made in April 2020. (Netflix)

According to the summary delivered by Netflix, the eight chapters that make up the fourth season address some of the main political issues of our time: the relevance of the Kingdom of Denmark in the modern world, the conflict of the superpowers for control of the Arctic, and, not least, the climate change crisis. The story focuses on the power struggle and how it affects people, both professionally and personally. “I was very excited when Adam started talking about the idea of ​​doing a fourth season. When he told me what the plot was going to be, I thought it was very current and important. I was clear from the beginning that he wanted to do it, “he said. Birgitte Hjort Sørensendays before the series premiere, to the news site The Spanish. Regarding his character, in this new installment he returns to journalism, now in charge of the News Department of a large national television station.

About the central character of the series, Birgitte Nyborg, in the chapters that arrive this Thursday at Netflix, will be in the role of new foreign minister when a company discovers oil in Greenland. The official synopsis added more information about it: “An event that marks the beginning of an international conflict to gain control of the Arctic. Nyborg, with her vast experience in politics, must accept that although Denmark is like Greenland’s “big brother”, when it comes to international superpowers, her country is a minority and sometimes turbulent presence ” .

"Borgen" debuted in 2010 and ran through March 2013. (Netflix)
“Borgen” debuted in 2010 and ran through March 2013. (Netflix)

according to account Hjort Sorensenfrom the beginning the producers said they didn’t want to just do another season of Borgen like the ones they had already done, but Adam and his team wanted to reinvent the universe to tell something new. In this case, several years after the end of the series, the world changed drastically. Today the barriers are getting weaker and this season will focus on internal and external conflicts in Danish politics. For example, the independence of Greenland from Denmark, the climate change already mentioned, but also in more frictional issues for the characters such as the challenges of being in a position of power and responsibility for the leading figures and their environment.

Adam Pricecreator, screenwriter and executive producer of Borgen, took care to retain as many of the original cast and creative team as possible. The writing team is made up of Emilie Lebech Kaae (Ragnarok) and Maja Jul. While the cast is completed with Mikkel Boe Følsgaard (who plays the minister’s deputy director of personnel), Nivi Pedersen, Svend Hardenberg Y Lucas Lynggaard Tonnesen (Nyborg’s son), along with Özlem Saglanmak, Simon Bennebjerg, Johanne Louise Schmidt, Magnus Millang Y Darren Petty.

The new season of the series can be seen from this week. (Denmark Radio).

Borgen It continues to be, despite more than a decade of its debut, one of the fictions that presented different novelties in the political genre. From placing a woman in the leading role of the Danish state, going through how well her conflicts are explained without being too heavy and, perhaps the most outstanding, the way she creates the development of the characters that must be divided between personal life and his performance as a public official.

The new season of Netflix Y DanmarksRadio (DR), Borgen: kingdom, power and glory will be available on the streaming platform from June 2nd of 2022.

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