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Booster Gold: meet the DC hero who will win series

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At the end of January, James Gunn and Peter Safran made a special announcement through the dc.com about his future plans within DC Entertainment. Among the novelties, it is possible to mention a series starring the Golden Booster (Booster Gold, in the original), a charming and narcissistic comic book hero.

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Created by Dan Jurgens, the character will be part of the first chapter of the DC Universe, entitled “Gods and Monsters”. The expectation is that the production will be released directly on HBO Max, although few details have been revealed so far.

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According to Gunn, there are already advanced negotiations with the likely interpreter of the hero, who he himself described as someone with imposter syndrome. Jurgens publicly celebrated that his character would be remembered for this new phase of DC. But have you heard about him? Below, check out more details about this controversial hero!

(DC Comics/Playback)Source: DC Comics

Booster Gold: How did the hero appear in the comics?

This isn’t the first time Booster Gold has been considered for a DC project. In 2016, rumors emerged that the hero would participate in one of the films released during that period. In addition, he was also considered to debut in legends of tomorrow even before the series was canceled on The CW.

Despite being unknown to mainstream audiences, DC fans clearly have some appreciation for the character. His first official appearance took place in 1986 in his own magazine. Michael Jon Carter was introduced as a talented football prodigy whose skill earned him a scholarship to Gotham University.

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The narrative, set in the 25th century, showed how Carter had overcome several challenges in his life, since he came from a very humble family and was abandoned by his own father. However, the big turning point in his story occurs when this father returns promising countless things. Turns out it was all just one big scam, which ended up putting the character in ruins.

Heartbroken, Michael Carter went to work on the security team at the Metropolitan Space Museum to survive and, once there, he began to steal important parts of the costumes of other superheroes, including powerful accessories and lethal weapons.

(Warner Bros. Animation/Playback)(Warner Bros. Animation/Playback)Source: Warner Bros. Animation

From there, moved to fix things in his own life and also to change the tragic fate of other people, he becomes a hero capable of traveling through time and preventing crimes from happening. After saving the president from an attack, he becomes known publicly, being recognized for his heroism and earning lots of money.

The accumulation of wealth is inevitable and companies are created in its name. Despite not knowing how to manage all finances very well, he makes precious allies and manages to have a minimum of joy in his life. One of his best friends, for example, is Besouro Azul, who also had his own movie announced, including Bruna Marquezine in the central cast.

The two worked together in the Justice League International, accumulating enemies at different times. Michael Carter’s conflicted but justified personality made him quite charismatic and gained the attention of DC readers. Deep down, the character just wanted to prove his worth and be useful on some level, although the fortune that fell into his hands left him dazzled.

Booster Gold: what to expect from the HBO Max series?

(DC Comics/Playback)(DC Comics/Playback)Source: DC Comics

With all these considerations, it is quite likely that the series scheduled to be released on HBO Max will tell the initial trajectory of Michael Carter, as well as his first challenges as an aspiring hero. In addition, the alliance formed by the character with the Blue Beetle can also be explored in production.

Charisma, narcissism, conflicting and contrasting feelings must also be present in the script, showing that it is a very controversial, human and layered figure.

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