Bluetti presented a portable solar panel with higher performance than ever before

Bluetti is increasingly active in the portable and home energy storage market, previously we tested the EB70 and EB3A, as well as the PV200 solar cell compatible with them. However, as the product portfolio expands on the battery front and the company launches devices with ever-increasing capacity and performance, it also expands its foldable, portable solar array in line with this, the latest member of the product family is the PV420.


Like the previous models, the PV420 has a portable design, consisting of a total of four parts that can be folded on top of each other, so that we can take it with us relatively easily. The installation is simple, after unfolding the PV420, which also receives the IP65 and splash water rating, it can be tilted at three different angles with the rear support, so that the irradiation can be optimal. The panel can deliver a maximum output of 400 watts, and under perfect conditions it can produce 2 kWh of electricity within six hours.


Like other similar products from the manufacturer, the PV420 comes with standard MC4 connectors. The monocrystalline solar cell received an ETFE film (this guarantees IP65 certification), it is an ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene polymer material without a carrier fabric, thanks to its smooth surface, dust, dirt, and other contamination do not stick to its surface. The price of the PV420 is €899 until March 29.

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