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Bluesky: how to have an account on the alternative social network to Twitter

With so many controversial changes on Twitter, it became common to search for alternative social networks to the platform. Launched by the co-founder of Rede do Passarinho, Jack Dorsey, Bluesky is another option for the app, having recently been made available for iOS and Android

According to Bloomberg, Bluesky announced on Thursday (27) that it achieved, in a single day, its biggest jump in user numbers so far. Among the supporters of the new network are politicians, celebrities, and even comedians, however, not everyone has access to social media. 

How to have a Bluesky account? 

Although it has already been made available to iOS and Android users, Bluesky remains in closed beta, that is, the social network is still in the testing phase and available only to invited testers. There is no estimated release date for the public.

Due to its exclusivity, which is driving demand for the new social network — in addition to having Dorsey’s name attached to it — to access Bluesky, you need an invitation code. And to get an invite code, you need to be on the waiting list. 

You can subscribe to the list through the app (when you download it) or directly through the Bluesky website ( available here ). It is worth noting that signing up does not guarantee access, as this is a waiting list. The invitation to join the social network comes from a developer or from active users who want and can share codes. 

Project Bluesky, now a public benefit company, was originally developed at Twitter itself in 2019 when Dorsey was still CEO of the social network. The platform is very similar to the network that since October 2022 has been commanded by Elon Musk but is considered simpler and decentralized, using blockchain technology. 

The goal of the Bluesky project is to reinvent the current structure of social networks, giving more independence to creators, freedom to developers, and choice to users.

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