‘Bloodlines’: trailer for the prequel to ‘Animal Sematary’ with David Duchovny

animal cemetery It is a crowning novel of Stephen King for admirably combining the constants of his work. Between tragedy, humanity and the horror of their combination. That is why it has received attention from time to time from the cinema since it was published in 1983. First we had a film about Mary Lambert (now cult) in 1989, then a sequel in 1992, and a remake recently, in 2019which was not very celebrated but proved that there was still interest in this story.

paramount was behind the latter animal cemetery, and it occurred to him that to give continuity (since not too many characters survived the plot) it was a good idea to propose a prequel. This is how it has been taking shape Pet Sematary: Bloodlineswhich is set in 1969 and stars Jud Crandall: The kindly elderly neighbor who in the original story had previous experience with the pet cemetery. Where, if you bury a loved one (it doesn’t matter if human or animal) he/she resurrects, yes, but somewhat changed.

What happened to Jud with the cemetery when he was young was related by himself in animal cemetery, but now the prequel wants to tell it in even more detail. So Bloodlines introduces us again to Jud, a young man who wants to leave Ludlow but suddenly has to face a dark family history, from which he can only escape by joining his childhood friends to fight an ancient evil. A purely King approach, which he directs Lindsey Beer (screenwriter of Sierra Burgess is a loser).

In Bloodlines Jackson White (seen in the series Tell Me Lies) plays poor Jud, accompanied by Samantha Mathis and other well-known faces in supporting roles such as David Duchovny, Pam Grier and Henry Thomas. The plan is for the film to be released directly in Paramount+ he October 6so we will have to be aware of whether in Spain it is incorporated into the catalog of SkyShowtime or (very unlikely) gets a theatrical release. You can see the trailer below these lines.

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