Home Games Blizzard promises a new Warcraft game in 2022… for smartphones

Blizzard promises a new Warcraft game in 2022… for smartphones

Activision Blizzard new Warcraft game

At the turn of its financial results, Activision-Blizzard reveals that a Warcraft mobile game is approaching.

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Blizzard promises a new Warcraft game in 2022… for smartphones

The smartphone has been an important part of Activision Blizzard’s strategy for several years. The video game giant saw the success of Hearthstone, the first adaptation of the Warcraft universe in a mobile game (also available on PC), but also that of Candy Crush before buying the specialist in the sector, King. Since then, the firm announced the game Diablo Immortal on mobile in 2018, in front of an audience of somewhat dumbfounded fans, not to mention the success of Call of Duty Mobile. Today, she promises a new mobile game.

Warcraft “all new content”

As we said, the Hearthstone game is already taken from the Warcraft universe, but it’s a brand new title that Activision-Blizzard promises. Indeed, during the presentation of its financial results, the company announced ” significant new content for the Warcraft franchise in 2022 which primarily refers to the new World of Warcraft expansion, but also “ brand new Warcraft content on mobile “.

Blizzard didn’t give any additional details on what that content might be. It could be a new application related to World of Warcraft, but the most likely seems to be the design of a new game. It is therefore unclear what genre this game could be inspired by. If we can’t imagine a mobile FPS in the Warcraft universe, we can think for example of a tower defense, a genre born in part thanks to Warcraft and which has found success on mobile. Back in 2018, there were rumors of a Warcraft mobile game being developed at Blizzard. They then pointed to a Pokémon Go competitor.

The developer is therefore announcing yet another new game as fans wait for Diablo 4, Overwatch 2 and Diablo Immortal announced several years ago. Blizzard also recently announced the development of a survival game in a new universe, the first since Overwatch.


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After a year marked by numerous investigations into internal harassment problems, the company is trying somehow to give itself the public image of a new start, helped by the announcement of the takeover by Microsoft. If it is scheduled for 2022, we should soon discover more information regarding this new Warcraft game.

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