Blind Marriage Brazil: Season 2 of the reality show gets trailer

With the arrival of Tudum 2022, a Netflix event that covers several news about streaming series and movies, more national and international productions on the platform received materials and information.


The romantic reality show Blind Marriage Brazil, for example, was one of the titles that rose to the occasion. Season 2 of the green and yellow edition of the show won a special trailer presented by Camila Queiroz. Watch:

The plot of the reality is as follows: men and women selected by the program must spend 10 days talking, without any kind of physical contact. All the conversation happens through booths, literally blind. When creating emotional bonds, candidates must choose the person they would like to marry.


Season 1 premiered in October 2021, with 10 episodes, and was presented by Camila Queiroz and Klebber Toledo. The series, which is an adaptation of Love is Blind (North American reality), should debut later this year.

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