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Blade: Marvel pauses film production and continues to search for a director

A Marvel teria decidido pausar a produção de Blade, enquanto procura por um novo diretor

according to The Hollywood ReporterMarvel paused production of blade, who is still looking for a director after Bassim Tariq’s departure. Shooting for the film was scheduled to begin next month, but the decision to temporarily put the project on hold is expected to move its theatrical release date to November 3, 2023.

The studio, which has not yet confirmed the information, would also have cast Beau DeMayo (moon knight) to rewrite the script, initially done by Tariq and Stacy Osei-Kuffour (watchmen), said the website comic book.

The news about the likely postponement of blade It doesn’t come as a surprise to fans. That’s because the title starring Mahershala Ali (Moonlight: Under the Moonlight) so far has not revealed any other cast members or characters present in the plot, indicating that the attraction would still be far from getting off the ground.

Marvel reportedly decided to pause production on Blade, while looking for a new directorSource: Source: Marvel/Disclosure

The Marvel reboot, part of Phase 5 of the MCU, was announced at the end of the studio’s panel at Comic Con 2019. On the occasion, the actor made a surprise appearance on stage and, alongside Kevin Feige, donned a cap with the movie logo. Since then, no news has been released.

O comic book even raised rumors that the director’s departure was the result of a series of problems behind the scenes. One of the factors would be a supposed frustration of the team with the way Marvel would be taking the project, with a different dedication in relation to other of its productions.

In addition, Ali would not be satisfied with the original script, which would have only 90 pages and only 2 action scenes.

Although blade may take a little longer to appear on screen, it is worth remembering that the actor has already had a kind of participation in the MCU. In one of the post-credits scenes of eternalit is possible to hear the vampire hunter’s voice after Kit Harington’s character Dane Whitman comes across the Ebony Sword.

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