Black Adam: When does the DC movie debut on streaming?

black adam, new DCEU movie, finally arrived in Brazilian cinemas this Thursday (20). In the production, The Rock leads in the skin of the anti-hero that gives the film its name.


According to the synopsis, the film follows black adam being released from his tomb nearly 5,000 years after he received the omnipotent powers of the Egyptian gods. Now released, he is after justice in the modern world.”

“His brutal tactics and his way of justice attract the attention of the Justice Society of America (JSA), who try to stop his fury, teach him to be more of a hero than a villain.”

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When black adam debut on streaming?


With the premiere in theaters, many fans are already wondering when the film will arrive on streaming services. As it is distributed by Warner Bros., the film will be streaming on HBO Max.

As seen in other studio films, including Elvis and The Batman, releases take place about 45 days after opening in theaters. Thus, it is possible that black adam arrives in the HBO Max catalog between the end of November and the beginning of December.


It is worth noting, however, that no official date has been confirmed by the streaming service for now.

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