Black Adam: New DC movie has a post-credits scene? Check out!

Premiered this Thursday (20) in Brazilian cinemas the newest DC movie, black adam. The feature starring The Rock in the skin of the anti-hero is one of the most anticipated by DCEU fans in 2022 and expectations are very high.


As usual – with every DCEU or MCU release – fans are already wondering if the production features post-credits scenes.

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Film is one of the most anticipated of 2022 (Reproduction/Warner)

black adam Do you have a post-credits scene?


Unlike Marvel movies, DC’s post-credits scenes aren’t consistent – that is, they don’t always have the beloved ‘cryings’ at the end. Nonetheless, it has already been confirmed that black adam Yes, there is a post-credits scene..

please note that black adam it is the first film to be released by Warner since the studio began having its financial problems revealed in the media. With the release of the film, Warner is hoping to get the DCEU productions back on track.


And for that, the post-credits scene of Black Adam should give a good help, since it should leave hooks for the next productions – it is worth remembering here that several rumors point to the participation of Henry Cavill’s Superman in the scene.

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