Black Adam: Henry Cavill had no contract for other productions; understand!

Five years after the release of Justice League, Henry Cavill returned to don the Superman cape for a cameo in black adam. Cavill appears only in the film’s post-credits scene, and according to a report from The Hollywood Reporterhis contract only provided for this participation.


Cavill shared this Monday (24) a video on his Instagram thanking fans for insisting on him and talking about the future of Superman. While no details have been confirmed, the actor hints that he may return for new appearances, including a sequel to Steel manof 2013.

Sources connected to the studio assure that Warner Bros. is interested in new films with Cavill.


“I wanted to give everyone a chance to watch black adam. Now that many of you have it, I wanted to make it official that I’m back as Superman, and the image you see in this post and the one you saw in black adam are just a small sample of what’s to come. So there’s a lot to be thankful for, and I’ll get to that in time, but I wanted to thank you most of all. Thank you for your support and thank you for your patience. I promise you will be rewarded.”


Cavill appears briefly in the post-credits scene of black adamfacing the film’s protagonist – played by Dwayne Johnson -, suggesting that a clash between the two is about to happen.

This is the second time the hero appears after Justice League. The first took place in the post-credits scene of Shazam! and the second was in the final episode of the Peacemaker series. However, Cavill did not participate in any of the scenes.

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