Black Adam: Fans and Critics Divided on Film Rating; Look!

Released in Brazilian cinemas last Thursday (20) by Warner Bros. pictures, the movie black adam (Black Adam, in the original) has been catching the attention of DC fans. even, in Rotten Tomatoesthere is a certain divergence in the notes of the specialized critics and of the spectators who have already checked out the production directed by Jaume Collet-Serra.


Critically, it’s the lowest rating for DC’s expanded universe of heroes since the debut of Justice Leaguein 2017. Until the closing of this article, the feature film starring Dwayne Johnson recorded an average of 43% in the portal’s quality meter based on 157 reviews.

On the other hand, with more than 500 reviews, an average of 88% approval by viewers had already been recorded. Inside Rotten Tomatoesyou can even check out all the comments made by both fans and critics.


(Rotten Tomatoes/Reproduction)Source: Rotten Tomatoes

Many critics have highlighted the charisma of its protagonist in driving the narrative and reinforced that it is a fun film made for those who like these heroes. However, there are many others complaining, above all, for the lack of quality of the script.

Black Adam: Learn more about the new DC movie


The film’s cast includes Aldis Hodge as Hawkman, Noah Centineo as Atom Crusher, Quintessa Swindell as Cyclone, Sarah Shahi as Professor Adrianna Tomaz, Bodhi Sabongui as Amon Tomaz, Marwan Kenzari as Ishmael and still Pierce Brosnan as Doctor Fate.

The plot begins with a flashback showing more about the past of Kahndaq, a city located in the middle of the desert, in which a tyrannical king enslaved his people in order to search for a precious jewel. However, one day, a young man decided to rebel against the dictator and take matters into his own hands. The gods recognized him as a hero and granted him powers.

On his return, he dueled against the king, becoming the champion of Kahndaq. However, his figure was never seen again until he was effectively freed by Adrianna during an archaeological mission. Thus, Teth-Adam (Johnson) has emerged again as the town’s hero, willing to free it from its own prison.


But the Justice Society, guided by Carter Hall (Hodge) and summoned by Amanda Waller (Viola Davis), is determined to stop this newly freed anti-hero from causing a massive catastrophe.

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