Big fan of Stallone? Netflix will premiere ‘Sly’, a documentary about his life and work (and will close the Toronto Festival)

Fireproof even with 77 years in tow. It may be that critics have always been much harsher with him than he deserved or than in his cinematographic career. have suffered downturns that they were about to end his career. However, Sylvester Stallone is one of the great icons of cinema and has managed to survive all the setbacks. He was even nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Role for his iconic role as Rocky Balboa in believe. the legend of rocky seven years ago (before, in 1976, he was also nominated for lead actor and scriptwriter for rocky).

And precisely about Rocky, or John Rambo, or so many other roles that he has tackled on the screen, the documentary will deal with sly by Netflix commemorating the 50th anniversary of the actor’s legacy in Holywood since its inception, with that infamous 1970 porn film titled the italian stallion when he was still a nobody, until his triumphant return with the action saga of The mercenaries or the boxing of believe.

Of course, it seems that it will be a documentary that, above all, will honor his life and work, since he has directed it thom zimnydirector of Springsteen on Broadway and a good friend of his, and the trailer released a month ago by Netflix was also advancing the tone of tribute to an idol which will have the production

Netflix has not yet set a release date on its platform, but it will be in November. Although before that it will be able to be seen in a world premiere no less than closing the 48th Toronto International Film Festival that will take place from September 7 to 17.

“Stallone’s story is one of perseverance, triumph and his indelible mark on the world of motion pictures.and we couldn’t be more honored to share it with our audience at our closing gala”, has valued cameron baileyCEO of the contest. “Celebrating the legacy of a true icon, ‘Sly’ takes audiences on an intimate journey through Stallone’s life.a cultural reference that has had an impact on cinema for almost half a century. ‘Sly’ offers a heartfelt exploration of the man behind the action megastar”as Bailey has added.

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