It has happened again. Dune it had been titled Dune throughout the promotional campaign until, suddenly, at the beginning of the film itself, a threatening Part 1 was placed next to the title. With Spider-Man: Crossing the Multiverse Something similar has happened, except that the surprise is reserved for the end: the plot is completely unfinished, and refers us to other sagas that are currently also playing at presenting an outcome in two halves. Assuming that what you started with a new universe It’s going to stay in a trilogy, of course.

But it is something that in the past we saw with Harry Potter either The Hunger Games, and today we see in fast & furious (with that tenth installment that seems to refer us to two more installments) and Mission Impossible (what we have ahead are Deadly Judgment: Part 1 and Deadly Judgment: Part 2).

With crossing the multiverse It cannot be said, meanwhile, that the creators did not warn. But if still that “To be continue” just when Miles discovers that he’s in the wrong universe to return to has you stumped, know that the sequel is already confirmed and developed at the same time as crossing the multiverse.

Everything is going according to plan

Originally, in fact, the title of this continuation of a new universe was Across the Spiderverse: Part 1. He referred us directly to a Across the Spiderverse: Part 2which as we confirmed in the credits of the last film will end up being Beyond the Spiderverse. Translated as “Beyond the multiverse”maybe? Or will the Spanish translators finally dare to introduce a playful “Spiderverse” to name the movie? It is early to ask those questions, although the third installment already has a release date.

Sony has set the arrival in theaters of Beyond the Spiderverse for next year: the March 29, 2024. Not even a year will pass since the premiere of crossing the multiverse, which is because the development of this third part is very advanced. It is not for less, because Sony began planning the sequel even before it a new universe was released in 2018, encouraged by the rumors that pointed to the excellent film that, of course, it was. But what do we know about Beyond the Spiderverse?

Well, we have to refer to the progress of the project that have leaked in recent months. In February 2021 we found out that Phil Lord and Chris Miller (the great duo after The Lego Movie either infiltrators in class) were writing the script for the sequel to A new universe. Around them, who would also executive produce, he joined as co-writer Dave Callahamand joined as directors Kemp Powers (Soul), Justin K Thompson and Joaquim Dos Santos.

Still from ‘Spider-Man: Crossing the Multiverse’

They all repeat in Beyond the Spiderversebecause it was Lord and Miller who realized that the story they had in mind to continue a new universe it was too big. It seemed necessary to divide the film in two, so when December 2021 both announced that the trilogy was on the way. The titles were Across the Spiderverse: Part 1 and Across the Spiderverse: Part 2. However, at Sony they must not have been clear about placing a “Part X” to a movie

jump to April 2022when Lord and Miller announce that the films will be Across the Spiderverse and Beyond the Spiderverse. They declare that what they plan is indeed huge: the story will unfold across six universes, with about 240 characters in the way of Miles. The only thing that is known so far about that Beyond the Spiderverse is, then, that the end is already written, and that crossing the multiverse it was fully developed with the idea that the story would end in another film.

There are no more details, but at least it is enough to calmly wait for March 29 of next year. Everything is controlled, and there will be no improvisation. Possibly, what the team is doing these days is limiting itself to polishing some details.

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