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Best new movies of 2022. We will be watching these films in 2022

Best new movies of 2022, Uncharted movie 2022

The new movies of 2022 promise to be great. We should do nothing but go to the cinema and run Netflix. There will be plenty of hot movie news in the coming months. Among them, crazy “Titane”, awaited “The Batman” and, of course, new versions of the MCU. Cinema lovers will not be able to complain about boredom.
What movies will we watch in 2022? There will be a few of them. A bit of Marvel, a bit of DC, returns of horror legends and a bit of Nicolas Cage – their combined powers have created a cinema repertoire filled with hot premieres for the coming months. “Batman”, “Doctor Strange”, “The Scream”, “The Unbearable Burden of Great Talent” are just a few of the cinematic novelties that await us. And yet there are titles from streaming platforms such as Netflix or Apple TV +.

New movies of 2022 – the most important premieres of next year

Among the most famous films of 2022, Polish titles such as “Gierek” and “Other People”, based on the book by Dorota Masłowska, are also worth mentioning. In addition to the Polish cinema, viewers will also be able to watch other parts of well-known franchises – “The Scream”, “Fantastic Beasts …” and the new “Doctor Strange”. What movies will be released in 2022? We check.

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Netflix movies 2022: “Knives Out 2” and “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and more


Julia Ducournau’s new film won a Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival. It certainly shocked the jurors, because it is, after all, an extreme production. We will see murders, sex with a car and grease flowing from the body of the main character. Transgenderism, transhumanism and mechanophilia – these are just some of the issues raised by the director. So you will not forget this title quickly.

Premiere in theaters: January 14.

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Scream – premiere – trailerThe heroes we already know will again disassemble the slasher convention into its first parts. Behind the camera, however, there was a change of guard. The late Wes Craven is replaced by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett. We hope that it will be both bloody and fun, as it has been so far.

Premiere in theaters: January 14.

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You certainly know Gierek’s decade. Not necessarily from your own experiences, but from the stories of your parents or grandparents. Regardless of what you heard about it, thanks to this video you will see what it looked like from the kitchen. The most important thing, however, is whether Michał Koterski will cope with the demanding, dramatic title role. We will find out in January.

Premiere in theaters: January 21.


Two parts of “Venom” are behind us. Sony, however, wants to monetize the value of the characters from the Spider-Man universe even more, which he can still use. This time, they took a story about a scientist looking for a cure for a rare blood disease. His research will turn him into a vampire. Jared Leto stars in the title role.

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Premiere in theaters: January 28.


Hollywood is still looking for a golden mean for the implementation of video game adaptations. Until now, it had been worse than better. And the expectations for “Uncharted” are enormous. Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg will try to inspire the film spirit of the already iconic heroes. All this to the accompaniment of the evergreens of the New Adventure Cinema.

Premiere in theaters: February 11.

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

It’s amazing that after so many largely unsuccessful reboots, prequels and sequels, Hollywood is still not giving up and trying to breathe new life into Tobe Hooper’s grindhouse classic. Will it be better this time than before? Well, Leatherface going crazy with a chainsaw is always nice to see.

Premiere on Netflix: February 18.


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Batman – premiere – trailerMatt Reeves is going to answer the question why Batman is called the best detective in the world. He is inspired by “The Long Halloween”, which needs no introduction to any fans of comics with the Dark Knight. A lot of antagonists appear here, and Robert Pattinson plays the title role.

World premiere: March 4.


The Batman new Trailer teases Catwoman for the Robert Pattinson movie

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Other people

Dorota Masłowska’s prose is not easy to adapt to the needs of the 10th muse. Xawery Żuławski has already tried to do so in “Wojna Polskiego-Rutskiej”. It wasn’t too bad for him. How did Aleksandra Terpińska deal with Masłowska’s work? Reviews from the festival in Gdynia are optimistic.

Premiere in theaters: March 18.

Lost city

A lot of adventure, action and humor await us in this movie. Sandra Bullock plays the role of a writer who is kidnapped by an eccentric rich man to find a treasure from one of her books. The model that appears on the covers of her novels comes to help. He believes he is a true hero.

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Premiere in theaters: March 25.

Everything everywhere at once

If you haven’t heard about this movie yet, please write its release date in your calendar as soon as possible. Here is the multiverse we need. The story focuses on the fate of an aging Chinese immigrant who can save the world. To do this, he has to explore other universes.

Premiere in theaters: April 1.

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Robert Eggers won the hearts of critics and viewers with his “The Witch. A Fairy Tale from New England”. Then he cemented this love with “Lighthouse”. The expectations towards “Wiking” are enormous. However, we believe that the director will manage to meet them.

Premiere in theaters: April 8.

The unbearable burden of great talent

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The unbearable burden of great talent – Nicolas Cage – trailerNicolas Cage plays Nicolas Cage in the movie about Nicolas Cage. I don’t think we need more encouragement. The “unbearable burden of great talent” promises to be a very meta production. The star, whom we love for his acting excesses, will certainly not avoid the exaltation of his game. This is what we are counting on.

Premiere in theaters: April 8.

Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets

After the Amber Heard scandal, Warner Bros. decided to replace Johnny Depp in the Harry Potter prequels. This time we will see Mads Mikkelsen in the role of Grindelwald. According to the title, we also get to know Dumbledore better. So we hope that the creators will manage to keep the magic of the young wizard’s world.

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World premiere: April 15.

Doctor Strange in the multiverse of insanity

This is a movie that MCU fans have been waiting for a long time, and the trailer after the subtitles of “Spider-Man. No Way Home” only fueled our appetite. Already in May, Doctor Strange will go mad. The question is whether Sam Raimi, who replaced Scott Derrickson in the director’s chair, will do well in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, at least as well as when he broke the bank with Spider-Man.

Premiere in theaters: May 6.

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Spider-Man: No Way Home Box Office Crosses $1Billion landmark worldwide.

Top Gun: Maverick

Tom Cruise charms viewers with his boyish charm all the time. Now he returns to one of his iconic roles. The action takes place 30 years after the events presented in the first part. Despite his disregard for the rules, Maverick is at the top. Now it is to prepare young pilots for a difficult mission. During the task, he will have to face an uncertain future and the demons of the past.

World premiere: May 27.

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Jurassic World: Dominion

Perhaps the reboot is not as good as the original, but we get what we need – dinosaurs. In “Jurassic World” the creators will use the concept known from “Jurassic Park”, only as expected by the audience, there must be more, faster, and the T-Rex must roar louder than a few decades ago. This is the third installment in the new series and we hope it will be better than the two.

World premiere: June 10.

Buzz Lightyear

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Buzz Lightyear – premiere – trailerToy Story made us love Pixar’s animations. Subsequent sequels in the increasingly older fans awakened inner children. And now it’s time for a spin-off. The animation is devoted to the eponymous test pilot, who becomes a hero in space and receives his own toy.

Premiere in theaters: June 17.

Thor: Love and Thunder

Another MCU movie we are looking forward to. Soon after Doctor Strange’s exploration of the multiverse, the new “Thor” is set to face a major reshuffle. The Nordic god will give his hammer back to Jane Foster. So it will happen. We just wonder if Taika Waititi will give Jeff Goldblum more screen time in this case.

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Premiere in theaters: July 8.

Mission: Impossible 7

How beautiful a bridge in Pilchowice would play here. Instead, a scandal broke out, causing Tom Cruise to search for a new facility to drop off on the seventh impossible mission. With each new part, the creators face him with more difficult challenges, and he willingly performs more and more spectacular stunts. May it be no different this time.

World premiere: September 30.

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Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Part One)

According to many fans of the Spider Man, “Spider-Man Universe” is the best comic book adaptation with his participation. This does not change even after “No Way Home”. Will the creators manage to keep the level of the original? Well, hopefully. We will definitely not be bored.

World premiere: October 7.

Halloween Ends

David Gordon Green took a risky step. He decided to delete all sequels and create a direct sequel to John Carpenter’s blockbuster. It turned out to be a bull’s eye. Then he also proved it with the second part of his trilogy. And now we come to its last part. So we wait and hope for even more inventive murders and references to the original.

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World premiere: October 14.

The Flash

The Flash will bring Michael Keaton back as Batman. This is. The Dark Knight from the Tim Burton films is back. It arouses quite a lot of excitement among superhero fans. We will see how the creators will cope with the challenge ahead of them. May it go as smoothly as Marvel in “No Way Home”.

World premiere: November 4.

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Black Panther: Wakanda in my heart

It’s the MCU again. This movie is still a big mystery. It is not known how the creators will approach the main character after the death of the actor Chadwick Boseman, who plays him. There have already been a few guesses and suggestions, but we do not have official information on this yet. If Kevin Feige and his team are as good at keeping a secret as they were in the case of the three Spider-Man in “Far From Home”, the answers to bothering questions will not be known until the premiere.

Premiere in theaters: November 11.

Avatar 2

We look forward to returning to Pandora. James Cameron has been talking about “Avatar” sequels for a long time and we know that there will be four for sure, and they will premiere every two years around Christmas (alternating with subsequent movies from the “Star Wars” universe). The first one is coming next year.

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Premiere in theaters: December 16.


Gladiator, Don’t Look Up and The Matrix of Resurrection. Movies to watch on the holiday weekend

New movies of 2022 – these premieres should not be missed

The mentioned titles seem to be only the tip of the iceberg. All because, especially when we are talking about streaming, many of the films coming next year have not yet set their premiere dates. On various platforms, however, we can expect:

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  • Escape from Spiderhead (Netflix)
  • Heart of Stone (Netflix)
  • The Gray Man (Netflix)
  • Killers of the Flower Moon (Apple)
  • Knives 2 (Netflix)
  • Luckiest Girl Alive (Netflix)
  • White Noise (Netflix)

These are just some of the movie premieres expected in 2022, which do not have a debut date yet. However, it seems we shouldn’t be planning too much for the coming months. After all, we cannot miss any of the above-mentioned productions.



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