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Best LGBTQIA+ movies released in 2022

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Every year, thousands of amazing movies are released in different countries. Within that context, LGBTQIA+ themed productions they also appear in different territories to show how these characters live in the midst of conflicts that generate very interesting sequences.

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Thinking about it, below, you can check a list of recommendations of some of the best movies whose main characters are members of this diverse community. Enjoy!

10. Everything is Possible

(Amazon Prime Video/Playback)Source: Amazon Prime Video


In the feature film on Amazon Prime Video, Kelsa (Eva Reign) is a trans teenager who, one day, is surprised by the approach of shy Khal (Abubakr Ali). turns out that the boy was always attracted to her and, through an online forum, was encouraged to ask her out.

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9. More than Friends

(Universal Pictures/Playback)(Universal Pictures/Playback)Source: Universal Pictures


In the plot of this romantic comedy, Bobby Leiber (Billy Eichner) meets Aaron (Luke Macfarlane) in a very unexpected way. However, little by little, the two form a curious friendshipin which there is room for your deepest vulnerabilities to be gradually exposed.

From that, with opinions placed at the table, they realize that they are in love with each other, but still don’t know how they can make the imminent relationship work.

  • The film is not yet available on digital platforms.

8. Fire Island: Pride & Seduction

(Searchlight Pictures/Playback)(Searchlight Pictures/Playback)Source: Searchlight Pictures

Located in the New York region, the famous Fire Island Pines is the scene of several adventures for people from the LGBTQIA+ community, even functioning as a refuge.

And when best friends Noah (Joel Kim Booster) and Howie (Bowen Yang) head over there to spend some quality time together, both discover far more complex questions about their social groupmaking them reflect on their own experiences.

  • Watch the movie on Star Plus.

7. Lonesome

(M-Appeal/Playback)(M-Appeal/Playback)Source: M-Appeal

Initially set in the Australian countryside, the film directed by Craig Boreham features young Casey (Josh Lavery), who decides to move to Sydney after revealing to his family that he is a gay man and not having any kind of support.

From this, the character goes through a journey of self-knowledge, realizing that assuming his solitude can be more difficult than he imagines.

  • The film is not yet available on digital platforms.

6. Am I OK?

(Warner Bros. Pictures/Playback)(Warner Bros. Pictures/Playback)Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

Merging comedy with several dramatic moments, the film directed by Tig Notaro and Stephanie Allynne with a script by Lauren Pomerantz stars Dakota Johnson as Lucy, a woman in her 30s who believes she is a lesbianand Sonoya Mizuno as Jane, her best friend.

After several failed encounters with men, Lucy realizes that the main reason for the disaster is that she likes women. With Jane’s help, therefore, she tries to understand her own desires.

  • The film is not yet available on digital platforms.

5. Paloma

(Pandora Films/Playback)(Pandora Films/Playback)Source: Pandora Films

Released in November this year, the new feature film by Pernambuco filmmaker Marcelo Gomes focuses on Paloma (Kika Sena), a trans woman who wants to have a traditional church wedding🇧🇷

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She is engaged to Zé and works as a farmer in a papaya plantation. However, the local priest does not accept her wish and, for that, she will have to fight hard to get what she wants.

  • Watch the film on Globoplay.

4. Ties of Affection

(Netflix/Playback)(Netflix/Playback)Source: Netflix

With touches of humor and a lot of reflection, the Italian Netflix film develops from the point of view of Leone (Francesco Gheghi), who is the son of two gay parents, Simone (Francesco Scianna) and Paolo (Filippo Timi).

when he decides make a relaxed documentary about your familymany decisive questions arise in their daily lives, showing how society can be cruel to those who are different.

  • Watch the movie on Netflix.

3. The First Soldiers

(Look/Playback)(Look/Playback)Source: Look

Set in Brazil in the 1980s, the HIV crisis is portrayed in the feature film by Rodrigo de Oliveira in a very interesting way.

The film begins in Vitória, capital of Espírito Santo, on New Year’s Eve 1984, when friends Suzano (Johnny Massaro), Rose (Renata Carvalho) and Humberto (Vitor Camilo) celebrated their lives without having any idea about what would come ahead.

  • The film is now available for rent on digital platforms.

2. Peter von Kant

(Diaphana/Playback)(Diaphana/Playback)Source: Diaphana

With the direction of François Ozon, in his new project, the public knows more about the figure of Peter von Kant (Denis Menochet), a grumpy filmmaker who, upon meeting Amir (Khalil Ben Gharbia) and falling in love with himdecides to make the boy a big star.

However, his assistant Karl (Stefan Crepon), who is constantly humiliated in his own home, does not seem to agree with this idea.

  • The film is not yet available on digital platforms.

1. Joyland

(Film Constellation/Playback)(Film Constellation/Playback)Source: Film Constellation

To close the list, it is necessary to talk about one of the most delicate and profound productions of the year. In Joyland, a Pakistani film, viewers are introduced to the Rana family, whose patriarch wishes to have a male grandson. With this idea, he tries to reach the psychological Haider (Ali Junejo), his youngest son, and Mumtaz (Rasti Farooq), his daughter-in-law.

However, Haider got a job at a theater, whose erotic dance shows are very successful.🇧🇷 Even there, the boy meets Biba (Alina Khan), a trans woman, and falls madly in love with her.

  • The film is not yet available on digital platforms.

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