Best Digital TV Cell Phone to Buy | TudoCelular Guide

Best Digital TV Cell Phone to Buy |  TudoCelular Guide
The highlight of each mobile
  1. Samsung Galaxy A51 — The most advanced with Digital TV
  2. Samsung Galaxy A30s — The lite version of the A50
  3. Motorola Moto G7 Power Plenty of battery to watch TV all day
  4. LG Q7 Plus Military certification and water protection

In today’s hectic pace of life, we often spend several hours a day stuck in traffic jams when we’re heading to work or college. And to pass the time, some consumers end up looking for smartphones that offer Digital TV as one of their many features.

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Not every cell phone sold today offers the possibility to watch open TV content, but there is a good offer of options on the market today, and here we list some options for those who are looking for a new cell phone that allows them to follow their team’s game or the novel chapter anywhere.

Unfortunately, this type of feature is rare to see in more advanced smartphones, being usually found in entry-level or mid-range models. Below we list latest models that have been released in recent years.


Samsung Galaxy A51

The Galaxy A51 is Samsung’s latest bet on the national market that comes with an integrated Digital TV. It is a slightly improved version of the A50, bringing as its main advance a new set of cameras. Both deliver similar performance and all-day battery life. The TV remains in high resolution and allows you to record your favorite shows to watch at any time.

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LG Q7 Plus

The Q7 Plus is another LG mid-range with an 18:9 screen format, which better explores the front area of ​​the device. To help with immersion, the South Korean giant also bet on DTS:X 3D Sound, 3D audio technology. You can also follow the programming of open TV digital channels, as the Q7 Plus has integrated Digital TV and has more advanced hardware than the K9 TV.

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Motorola Moto G7 Power

The Moto G7 Power is one of the best entry-level mid-rangers today. It delivers excellent battery life, doesn’t disappoint in performance and camera, and is still the only one in the G7 family to come with Digital TV. So you can enjoy your programs anywhere for a long time before you need to reload it. Its speaker is also more powerful than the ones mentioned above, being good for listening to your programs even in noisy places.

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Samsung Galaxy A30s

The Galaxy A30s is the improved version of the A30 and it delivers an experience close to the A50 which is our favorite with Digital TV. With the A30s you can record programming and even generate GIFs. The signal even works well indoors, but it can fail a little depending on where you are. And its battery even lasts longer than the A30, allowing you to enjoy your favorite programming for longer.

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