Berlin: La Casa de Papel spin-off series gets teaser with characters

Even before the final episodes of La Casa de Papel to be released, in November 2021, Netflix announced a spin-off production of the series, berlinfocused on the character Andrés de Fonollosa.


Fans of the platform’s success have been waiting for news since then, and now they can celebrate, as the streaming released a teaser video showing the protagonist played by Pedro Alonso and the other faces that make up the casting.

Check out the full video and more details below. berlin!


Berlin teaser reveals components of Andrés de Fonollosa’s former gang

La Casa de Papel became one of the biggest hits in Netflix history and left fans eager for more stories from this universe. Thus, the platform announced the spin-off berlin and brought news this week.


In the teaser released, we can see not only Berlin, the protagonist of the series, but also the rest of his gang, which precedes the events of the original production.

We are introduced to Keila, an expert in electronics and technology, played by Michelle Jenner, as well as Professor Damián, played by Tristán Ulloa, and Cameron, played by Begoña Vargas.

The team also includes Roi, a character played by Julio Peña Fernández and the man of action Bruce, played by newcomer Joel Sánchez.


(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)Source: Netflix

The story will follow Andrés de Fonollosa before he became famous Berlin and the events with his gang, but the details have not yet been revealed by the streaming platform.

The filming process started this Monday (03) in the city of Paris, France, and the premiere date of the spin-off of La Casa de Papel has not yet been disclosed.

And you, what do you expect from berlin?

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