Is it worth making a movie about the endorsement deal between a basketball star and a brand of sports shoes? Whether it deserves it or not, it has already passed: the result is Air. This film directed by Ben Affleck It recently arrived on Amazon after passing through theaters, and since then it has not stopped gathering subscribers who want to discover how, in the late 1980s, the executives of Nike they managed to convince Michael Jordan to lend his image to a line of sneakers.

This is the famous air jordan. air has the leading role of Affleck as well as directing and producing, accompanied by Matt Damon. Which brings us to a charming position, since of course Affleck and Damon are lifelong friends, and have collaborated on several occasions for the cinema. air It is, in fact, the first production of a label that they have just founded, Artist Equityhaving also committed to financing a forthcoming title with Jennifer LopezAffleck’s partner.

Your title is unstoppableand it will be one more chapter in a collaboration that deserves to be reviewed from the beginning.

Field of Dreams (1989)

Affleck and Damon have known each other since they were children, living outside of Boston. They became friends when Affleck defended Damon in a fight, and they both later moved to New York (where they would share a flat with casey affleck, Ben’s brother) to try his hand at movies. Their first break came as extras in this fantastic drama starring Kevin Costnerabout a place where old baseball glories come down from the sky to play a new game.

Private School (1992)

Cast of ‘Private School’

Affleck and Damon hadn’t even been credited for field of dreams, but things changed with this school drama set in the 50s that tells a true story marked by anti-Semitism. Here they played Chesty Smith and Charlie Dillon, two bullies who gave their Jewish classmate a hard time, played by brendan fraser. Private School would bring Fraser to fame while making the names of Affleck and Damon sound in the offices: Damon for his part had already appeared before in Mystic Pizza.

Good Will Hunting (1999)

Still from 'Good Will Hunting'
Still from ‘Good Will Hunting’

They were already stars when, inspired by their adolescence in Boston, they wanted to take the leap into writing and imagined what would happen if a gifted in mathematics was born where they were born. Damon played the brainiac, while Affleck played his lifelong friend who he wishes would seek his fortune outside the neighborhood. The unstoppable Will Huntingwith address of Gus Van Sant and an unforgettable robin williams high school, passionate critics and audiences and Affleck and Damon shared the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.

Chasing Amy (1997)

Ben Affleck in 'Chasing Amy'
Ben Affleck in ‘Chasing Amy’

So they were already colleagues kevin smithwhich, like them, had taken off with the patronage of Miramax and the fearsome Harvey Weinstein. Hence, they acted together again in chasing amy (a kind of coming-of-age film for the New Jersey director), although not with the same importance: Affleck, like that Holden in love with a lesbian woman (Joey Lauren Adams), was the total lead, while Damon played a miniscule role as executive.

Dogma (1999)

Frame of 'Dogma'
Frame of ‘Dogma’

Shortly after the collaboration with Smith was extended to an ambitious satire on religion, where this time they could share the screen on equal terms. His roles then were quite iconic: they were the fallen angels Bartleby Loki, who had been banished to Wisconsin and promoted, with a great sense of humor, the bizarre plot set up by the director of Clerks.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001)

Still from 'Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back'
Still from ‘Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back’

They also signed up for the fifth installment of the universe Clerks, although now things began to get meta. While Affleck briefly resumed the character of chasing amythe script of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back was so convoluted that it allowed them to also appear as the characters from The unstoppable Will Hunting.

Jay and Silent Bob: The Reboot (2019)

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon in 'The Reboot'
Ben Affleck and Matt Damon in ‘The Reboot’

History repeated itself, 18 years later, with the reboot. Smith had fallen out of critical favor, but he was still friends with his friends, and Affleck agreed to return as Holden. Meanwhile Damon reprized the role of Loki from Dogmaalthough somehow it also winked at when it had been Jason Bourne.

The Last Duel (2021)

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon in 'The Last Showdown'
Ben Affleck and Matt Damon in ‘The Last Showdown’

Many of us really hoped that Affleck and Damon would write together again. Affleck and Damon ended up collaborating with Ridley Scott in a dash with echoes to Rashomon where they were not alone: ​​collaborated Nicole Holofcener. They also had a leading role in the film, Damon as that honor-obsessed Jean de Carrogues, and Affleck as that eccentric feudal lord named Pierre d’Alencon.

Air (2023)

Finally, Damon and Affleck have collaborated slightly on the script for Alex Converywhile Affleck directed and reserved the role of Phil Knight, co-founder of Nike. Damon, for his part, is the impetuous Sonny Vaccaro, who hatches the idea of ​​signing Michael Jordan. They have a few scenes together, so in the long run the best of air It is to imagine how much fun these loyal friends will have had.

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