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Bella Ramsey: 10 productions with Ellie from The Last of Us

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Born in Nottingham, United Kingdom, in September 2003, Isabella May Ramsey, better known as Bella Ramsey, is currently 19 years old and works professionally playing various characters. In the last times, caught the attention of the public for being part of the main cast of The Last of Us, on HBOalongside Pedro Pascal, in the role of Ellie.

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However, this is not Ramsey’s first major character, who identifies as a non-binary person and accepts being addressed by all pronouns. In this way, in the list below, check out more productions in which she has been throughout her career. Enjoy!

10. Becoming Elizabeth

(Starz/Playback)Source: Starz

The Starz channel is mainly known for its historical series. And in June 2022, the broadcaster launched a miniseries focused on the figure of Queen Elizabeth I, one of the last monarchs of House Tudor. Starred by Alicia von Rittberg in the titular role, Ramsey played Lady Jane Grey, who also became known as the Queen of Nine Days, as she ruled only for that short period.

9. Judy: Long Over the Rainbow (2019)

(Paris Films/Playback)(Paris Films/Playback)Source: Paris Films

In this film, nominated for an Oscar in 2020 and winner of the Best Actress award for Renée Zellweger, Ramsey lived Lorna Luft, one of Judy Garland’s daughters, that is, a real figure. In the feature film, the public follows a musical tour by the titular artist in London, at the end of the 1960s. Thus, the participation of Judy’s children takes place in a timid manner, but without failing to highlight the love she had for your offspring.

8. Resistance (2020)

(IFC Films/Playback)(IFC Films/Playback)Source: IFC Films

Focused on the story of the mime Marcel Marceau (played in the film by Jesse Eisenberg), in this feature film, the public learns more about the figure of this artist, as well as all the difficulties faced by him and his French Resistance group in welcoming ten thousand Jewish orphans, including Elsbeth (Bella Ramsey), during the time of World War II.

7. Just Us (2018)

(Lorton Distribution/Reproduction)(Lorton Distribution/Reproduction)Source: Lorton Distribution

One of Ramsey’s first jobs was in the feature film Just Us (Two for Joy, in the original), directed and scripted by filmmaker Tom Beard. The plot is focused on a dysfunctional family that decides to spend the holidays in a place far from where they live in order to deal with all their internal problems. In this context, Ramsey’s character is young Miranda.

6. Hilda

(Netflix/Playback)(Netflix/Playback)Source: Netflix

Between 2018 and 2020, Bella Ramsey voiced Hilda in the Netflix series of the same name. The animation features a fearless blue-haired girl who has a great adventurous spirit. With that, she leaves the forest where she lives to discover what the big city can offer her. Obviously, in this journey of many discoveries, many dangers surround all those who decide to join it.

5. Hilda and the Mountain King (2021)

(Netflix/Playback)(Netflix/Playback)Source: Netflix

With the success of the Netflix series, it wasn’t long before a movie was commissioned bringing the same characters into the limelight. Thus, starting from a fun and challenging premise, Hilda (once again voiced by Bella Ramsey) needs to face her new reality, using only her intelligence and insight in her favor. Only with this virtue will she be able to deal with all her new problems.

4. The Worst Witch

(CBBC/Reproduction)(CBBC/Reproduction)Source: CBBC

Among the artist’s main projects, we could not fail to mention the series The Worst Witch (The Worst Witch, in Portuguese), in which Ramsey stars in the role of Mildred Hubble. So far, four seasons have been released, recounting the misadventures of an ordinary girl who discovers she is a witch in the most unexpected way possible. The plot is directly based on the work of Jill Murphy.

3. Catarina, the Girl Called Bird (2022)

(Amazon Prime Video/Playback)(Amazon Prime Video/Playback)Source: Amazon Prime Video

Last year, producer and screenwriter Lena Dunham, famous for the series Girls, developed a feature film project directly for Amazon Prime Video.

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With that, Ramsey was summoned to star in Catarina, the Girl Called Birdy (Catherine Called Birdy, in the original). The cast also had the participation of Andrew Scott, Billie Piper, Lesley Sharp, Joe Alwyn and Sophie Okonedo.

2. His Dark Materials: Frontiers of the Universe

(HBO/Playback)(HBO/Playback)Source: HBO

In 2020, when the series based on the famous trilogy by writer Philip Pullman reached its 2nd season, Bella Ramsey was scheduled to play an important character in the course of the narrative. Appearing in nearly every episode that year, Angelica was introduced simply as a girl who lives in Cittàgazze, the otherworldly coastal town.

1. Game of Thrones

(HBO/Playback)(HBO/Playback)Source: HBO

Finally, it is necessary to talk about Ramsey’s participation in Game of Thrones. In all, there were nine episodes divided into three seasons (in the sixth, seventh and eighth year), from 2016 to 2019. Playing Lyanna Mormont, daughter of Maege Mormont (Elizabeth Barrett), the young woman has a great spirit of leadership and enters into several direct confrontations with famous characters, including Jon Snow himself (Kit Harington).

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