Belinda boasted a private jet flight, but Nodal would have gotten her sponsorship

The singers announced the end of their courtship in February 2022 (Photos: Getty Images)

It was on August 15, 2021 when Belinda celebrated her birthday next to her then boyfriend Christian Nodalwith whom he lived a media romance that ended in a no less scandalous separation.

Back then everything was happiness and love for the lovebirds, and even the Mexican regional singer organized a trip to Disney World for the Spanish nationalized Mexican, from where the “Nodeli” -as their fans called them- lavished love and bragged about their relationship on their social networks.

But this year has been different, because although the Disney characters were present, the singer of In love you must forgive yes it had a great celebration the day of his 33rd birthday next to his mother and relatives.

Belinda recently declared that she does not need a man to have "luxuries" (Netflix)
Belinda recently declared that she does not need a man to have “luxuries” (Netflix)

It was on her social networks where the protagonist of welcome to eden shared his surprise when arriving at a hangar I was waiting for a jet private, a colorful cake, a Mexican mariachi and botargas of Mickey, Minnie, Daisy and Goofy.

And it is that the singer and actress had arrived at the place ready to take a flight and present herself as ambassador of Global Jet Seta company that offers its services such as the rental of luxury villas, private yachts and flights in high-standard private planes.

after singing the mornings and split her cake, the interpreter boarded a plane with a hitherto unknown direction in the company of her mother and her makeup artist.

“This is the first surprise of many more princess! Happy birthday!” wrote the mother of Belinda about the video he shared on his social networks. “I love making you happy princess!!! Love you!!!” he added.

After that, it is now known that the artist traveled to Orlando, Florida, to continue with the celebration of his birthday. In addition, the singer gave something to talk about through a message that, they say, was a hint for her ex-boyfriend.

The singer turned 33 surrounded by mariachis and some Disney characters (Photo: Instagram/ @belindapop)
The singer turned 33 surrounded by mariachis and some Disney characters (Photo: Instagram/ @belindapop)

“You’ve never needed a boyfriend to indulge, right? we are working women and we absolutely do not need anyone to have the life we ​​want, no one! Because alone we can achieve thingsthat’s what no one knows and everyone thinks. Without a boyfriend I can do what I want”, expressed the famous smiling in a live from Instagram.

Belinda’s private trip generated ridicule and messages of support, there were even those who criticized “the ozone footprint” that is generated on this type of flight. But it was this day when Odalis Gomez Millarone of the owners of Global Jet Set, revealed that his company sponsored the VIP trip of Belinda.

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“We sponsored the flight because she wanted to travel by private plane to Disney, to Orlando Florida and we very cleverly said ‘well, we are going to invite her, to pay her to be our image, she is an artist, popular, beautiful…’ It suits us that she appears on one of our planesbecause that’s what we do,” the businesswoman told the program gossip not like.

In addition, the businesswoman said that the first approach she had with the famous was in one of the concerts that Christian Nodal offered in Quintana Roo last year.

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“I met her at a concert that Nodal did here in Cancun, it was brought by my brother, who is dedicated to bringing entertainment events to Quintana Roo.” Odalis found Belinda to be a very nice and popular girl, so the idea of ​​a business relationship with her excited her.

“She was still Christian Nodal’s girlfriend and I thought she was very cool, I thought she was nice, a cute girl and this business relationship was made with her”, he expressed. This revelation shows that Christian Nodal indirectly had to do with the new work commitment of the interpreter of Light without gravity.

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