Home Entertainment Bel-Air: season 2 of Um Maluco no Pedaço gets trailer

Bel-Air: season 2 of Um Maluco no Pedaço gets trailer

Bel-Air: season 2 of Um Maluco no Pedaço gets trailer

Reboot of the classic series Fresh prince of Bel Air, Bel Air, an original work from Peacock streaming, is heading for its 2nd season, which was announced shortly after the premiere of the first part. programmed to be released on February 23the new batch of episodes promises to maintain the more dramatic tone of the narrative, which brings a different view of the history of the character who was played by Will Smith.

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  • How is the cast of Um Maluco no Pedaço currently?

This Thursday (19), the 2nd season of Bel Air won an unprecedented trailer, which not only presents some of the stories and themes for the new year, but also contains a surprise and so much: the return of actress Tatyana Ali, who lived Ashley Banks in Fresh prince of Bel Air. Check out!

In Bel Air, Tatyana will be an American literature professor and should appear with some frequency throughout the narrative. Remembering that, now, who embodies Will is the young actor Jabari Banks, who co-stars with Adrian Holmes and Cassandra Freeman, who give life to Phil and Vivian, respectively.

“In season two, the series will continue to find ways to innovate and feel fresh and unique, while honoring the heart of the original series,” said Carla Banks Waddles, showrunner of Bel Airwhich continued: “Last season was very much about introducing the Banks to the world, and this season we get to go deeper with some themes… what it means to be a family when there are challenges […]”, finished.

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The 2nd season of Bel Air will feature 10 episodes, which will air on Universal’s Peacock streaming service in the United States. In Brazil, the series can be followed on Disney’s Star+.

About the Bel-Air series

Created by Andy Borowitz, Susan Borowitz and TJ Brady, Bel Air made its debut in 2022 and quickly gained attention for retelling the story of Fresh prince of Bel Air, however, in a more dramatic and serious way — the production has the support of Will Smith. The plot, therefore, accompanies young Will, who leaves the streets of Philadelphia for a new luxurious life in Bel-Air, Los Angeles. There, he needs to navigate through new relationships, conflicts and challenges.

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