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Becky: thriller movie is a brutal version of Home Alone

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“There was a little girl, who had a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead. When she was good, she was very good. But when she was bad, she was terrible.” This short poem, which appears a few times during the narrative, summarizes very well what is beckyAmerican thriller and action film released in June 2020.

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Directed by Jonathan Milott and Cary Murnion, and written by Ruckus Skye, Lane Skye and Nick Morris, becky did not debut with the same status that is usually attributed to great Hollywood productions. Quite the opposite. The feature film is much more like that type of “B-side” project, which is hidden under other works of the genre and which, to be found, requires a certain amount of effort and curiosity on the part of the spectators.

However, when becky is finally “discovered”, delivers a lot and provides quite an experience for those who venture into its bloody, violent and direct story. The film stars Lulu Wilson, Kevin James (yes, the same actor who made several comedy films), Joel McHale, Robert Maillet, Amanda Brugel, Isaiah Rockcliffe, Ryan McDonald and James McDougall.

Below, check out a narrative and critical analysis of beckywork that will certainly leave you with your nerves on edge!

Lulu Wilson plays Becky, the protagonist of the thriller that takes viewers on a bloody journey.Source: BoulderLight Pictures

What is Becky? (no spoilers)

becky has a relatively simple and straightforward story: Becky (Wilson) is a teenage girl who, after the death of her mother, starts living with just her father Jeff (McHale) and their two dogs. The girl, due to the family tragedy that devastated her family, develops a more closed and harsh behavior, opening up very little about her feelings and, mainly, about the trauma she experienced with the death of her mother.

Things get even worse after Jeff decides to take Becky to a lake house for a family weekend. It is there that, by surprise, the man tells his daughter that his new relationship, with Kayla (Brugel), who has a little boy named Ty (Rockcliffe), is about to evolve into a marriage. The girl, still scarred by her mother’s death, receives the news in the worst possible way, rebelling against everything and tells everyone.

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“But, Jean, can it get any worse?” Clear! In addition to all this, the house they are all in is invaded by a group of Nazi prisoners, who escaped from imprisonment and are looking for an item that they themselves have hidden inside the place for some time. They take Jeff, Kayla and Ty hostage and, in this chaotic scenario, it is up to Becky to find a way to save everyone, even despite the family crisis she is going through.

Becky: narrative and critical analysis (with spoilers)

Do you remember the movie They forgot me (1990), with Macaulay Culkin, in which the child protagonist needs to get rid of thieves who are trying to rob his house? Well then, becky, in many ways, looks like a steroid and extremely violent version of the work directed by John Hughes. After all, with her family held hostage, with no resources to fight back, it’s up to Becky to show that, with her and her peers, nobody plays. Not even Nazi thugs.

In this sense, the narrative construction of the film is very straightforward and easy to understand. The first act is composed of the presentation of the characters, the relationships between them and the conflicts they will have to face throughout the projection. Then, the second act brings all the action and tension promised at the beginning of the plot, with the fierce clash between Becky and the criminals, which has its bloodthirsty outcome during the third part of the production. A very clear and uncomplicated structure. And indeed, becky it needed no more than that to do what it set out to do.

By not trying to invent too much and focusing on doing a competent job through a straightforward narrative, becky he hits the spot by directing us to what he wants and, in the end, are the high points of the feature: its elements of suspense and action. No wonder, the film takes great care in its violent moments, giving the protagonist a ruthless and implacable air, which makes us constantly question who is worse: Becky or the criminals?

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It’s interesting, then, to note how Becky doesn’t force her protagonist to look like a highly trained secret agent capable of stopping any bad guys or whatever. That would spoil any possibility of verisimilitude within the film. Instead, the narrative highlights how Becky is extremely smart and able to get by with what she’s got, even if she doesn’t have the size or strength of her opponents. Therefore, as in Esquequeram de Mim, she does not clash with the villains, but creates plans and strategies that put her one step ahead and give her an advantage.

Kevin James left comedies aside to give life to a cold and sadistic villain in Becky.Kevin James left comedies aside to give life to a cold and sadistic villain in Becky.Source: BoulderLight Pictures

She is even spared from death by Apex (Maillet), who could easily have ended the young woman’s life during the only time Becky risks a one-on-one confrontation without any kind of planning. In this scenario, it is also worth mentioning the success of the production in treating Apex as a repentant man with a shred of conscience, breaking the stereotype that villains in films of the genre must always be cold creatures, heartless and incapable of change. It is he, incidentally, who saves Becky during the third act by revolting against her leader, Dominick (James).

acting show

Speaking of the character Dominick, I must also mention the great performance of Kevin James, who is known for his roles in comic works, such as I Now Pronounce You Husband… and Larry (2007) and Big people (2010), both in partnership with Adam Sandler. In becky, he gives life to a terrible and sadistic man, showing that he is not an actor of only one gender and that, if he wants, he can transit through other productions as well and do very well. Something I sincerely hope he does, especially if he can repeat the good work he did in Becky.

In addition to James, who also shone in the narrative was Wilson, who manages to create a multifaceted Becky. Hours appear happy, hours appear sad. Sometimes it appears in a lighter way, sometimes in a cold way. As she transits through different states, Wilson never lets us fully understand who Becky really is. Is she a girl as ruthless as her opponents or just someone who is trying to defend herself and save her family? Does she really enjoy the killing she does, or is it just an act of survival? These doubts are important and keep us entertained during the projection.

In short, becky it doesn’t reinvent the wheel or emerge as a singular film, with ideas never seen before. But, again, I argue that the production did not need this to effectively accomplish what it wanted: to bring a story of suspense and violent action, with a strong and unlikely protagonist. Therefore, if you are one of those people who enjoy tension, unpredictability and strong scenes, becky can be a great choice. And remember: never underestimate “little girls”.

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