Beauty owner would have been the last person to see Anne Heche prior to the accident that caused her death

Richard Glass showed on his networks when he met Anne Heche (Photo: Ig glasshair)

A week ago it was announced tragic death of actress Anne Heche, who participated in films like Psycho, Silent Witness, The Death of Superman or Young Rebels. And it is that her death was involved in controversy due to the conditions of the events, as she was found behind the wheel of a car that crashed into a house at a speed of 140 kilometers per hour in Los Angeles, California.

According to the Los Angeles County Coroner, the 53-year-old artist died from smoke inhalation, burn injuries and a “fracture of the sternum due to blunt trauma.” Likewise, toxicology tests revealed the presence of narcotics.

The accident left the actress with serious injuries (Grosby)
The accident left the actress with serious injuries (Grosby)

Given this, the portal TMZ interviewed Richard Glass, the owner of aesthetics Glass Hair in Venice, which is transcendent since he could be the last person to see the famous woman alive.

“People aren’t good, they’re just evil, you know? They make accusations that I had something to do with what the toxicology tests say, and it’s a lot. They say that she was able to obtain the cocaine or fentanyl from me, since I was the last person I was in contact with her.”he pointed affected.

Glass mentioned that he does not ingest or distribute any type of drugs, so it was very annoying to him that people were slandering him. Although the man claimed to be free of guilt, he mentioned that he felt bad because he considered that perhaps, if he knew what would happen, he could have did something to stop it.

The celebrity's car caught fire (Grosby)
The celebrity’s car caught fire (Grosby)

“I have a little regret, I feel that I could have done more, I think the universe sent her here (to my establishment) so that I impacted in some way and save or protect her… I feel very emotional, because this woman needed help and I was not there enough, “he said.

It should be remembered that on August 12 he passed away Anne Hechethe Emmy-winning film and television actress whose dramatic rise in Hollywood in the 1990s was contrasted by bouts of personal crisis.

It was his son Homer who confirmed the news through his social networks and expressed the sadness for which the family was currently passing.

The actress died after a crash (Photo: File)
The actress died after a crash (Photo: File)

“My brother Atlas and I have lost our mother. After six days of almost unbelievable emotional swings, I am left with a deep and speechless sadness. I hope that my mother is free of pain and begins to explore what I like to imagine as her eternal freedom. Throughout those six days, thousands of friends, family and fans poured their hearts out to me. I am grateful for her love, as well as the support of my father, Coley, and stepmother, Alexi, who continue to be my rock during this time. Rest in peace mom, I love you Homer.”

hehe was found hospitalized since last August 5when his blue Mini Cooper crashed into a house in the Mar Vista area and the vehicle ended up in the fire.

Firefighters claimed the actress had talked to them as they pulled her out of the rubble and took her to hospital.But little then Heche lost consciousness and on August 8, the representatives published a statement saying that he was in “extremely critical condition” and that he had fallen into a coma.


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