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BBB 23: how technology is present in the reality show

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THE Big Brother Brazil it is an immeasurable success with the audience and is always among the most talked about topics on the internet in the first months of the year, when it is usually broadcast by TV Globo since 2002. Since then, there have been more than 20 editions of the program, which have been growing each time. more and bringing celebrities, sub-celebrities and anonymous to the show.

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However, in addition to the leader’s tests, intrigues and controversies, the latest editions of the BBB feature several new cutting-edge technologies to assist in the monitoring and experience of the brothers while they are inside the house. In this article, the My Series will unravel some technologies present in the program.


If you followed the BBB 22 and are following this year’s edition, you must have noticed that the participants wear a black watch on their wrists. This is no coincidence, as it is a smartwatch (smart watch) to monitor some of the brothers’ physical characteristics.

In 2022, Big Brother made players use watches from the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 line, which at the time was one of the top of the line of the South Korean brand. This type of watch has several functions similar to that of a smartphone. It is possible to answer calls, check messages, see notifications, monitor physical activities, alarm clock, etc.


However, for the program, Samsung sent modified versions of the Galaxy Watch, as the purpose of the show is to keep participants out of contact with the outside world. In this way, internet access and communication were cut: only the monitoring functions were maintained. For example, the famous brothers heartbeat each elimination is done with the device.

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With it, it is possible to perform quick tests, such as an Electrocardiogram (ECG) to understand the rhythm of the heartbeat. There is also the BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis), to analyze details of the health of bones, muscles, fat levels; and of course, a blood oxygen meter to monitor blood pressure. All this is done to monitor the health of those in the house virtually, and without human interference.

Foldable cellphones in exams

In addition to watches, Samsung invested heavily in promoting its products in the 2021 edition, which featured notable characters, such as Gilberto, Fiuk, and the champion, Julliete. The disclosure of foldable phones Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold2 happened in the leader’s last race.

s Globoplay/reproduction

The test in question consisted of one of the participants choosing a number from the screen, and then a message would be sent to the folding cell phones. The game was purely luck, and with each message displayed the brothers could be eliminated or keep trying until there was only one left – Julliete was the winner.

The Galaxy Z Flip is a foldable, reminiscent of those cell phones from the 2000s, which served as inspiration. The device has a 7-inch touchscreen, and even has a mini display on the outside, ideal for seeing quick notifications.

Galaxy Z Fold 4Galaxy Z Fold 4Source: Samsung/disclosure

The Galaxy Z Fold2, on the other hand, is much more interesting, as it works as if it were a book, closing thanks to a vertically centralized crease. The device, like the previous one, has several cutting-edge features, and is almost transformed into a tablet thanks to its 7.6-inch screen and is already in its fourth version.

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Despite its success, the cell phone used by the brothers in the house to publish photos and videos in an internal feed is not foldable. However, the model is also a Samsung cell phone, which did not have its version disclosed in the 2023 edition. The future Galaxy S23, which will be launched soon, may also appear in the reality show in commercial actions.

Facial recognition and digital biometrics

Although the BBB is full of cameras, and it is not possible to “lose” a brother within the reality show, Globo had to invest heavily so that the work of cutting the best moments, and the monitoring of the participants, was done more precisely. Therefore, there are technologies facial recognition to identify who is who and optimize this follow-up.

Facial recognition is possible thanks to an Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, which is being used for the first time in the show. The production inserts several photos of the participants into a database, and when a face with the same characteristics as that of a photo is captured, there is a cross between the information to determine who that person is and where they are.

s SuperAnnotate/playback

The same thing happens with digital biometrics, which can recognize the participant’s fingerprints to trigger mechanisms or functions inside the house. In this case, the leader of the week has unique access to the Leader’s Room and to a specific audio and message center to manage the game thanks to biometric authentication.

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5G cameras

In addition, to complete the assembly of the structure in the studios, Globo started to work on the cloudification process, that is, the migration of systems and contents from physical data centers to the cloud. Now, 100% of the infrastructure and security is in the cloud, which speeds up the transmission of data and information for those who follow Big Brother Brasil.

Inside the house there are 63 cameras scattered to provide a complete view for the viewer. However, some of these cameras are equipped with the 5G technology. 5G is an evolution of mobile internet, which has actively arrived in Brazil in the last two years to succeed the popular 4G.

s Globoplay/disclosure

For comparison purposes, 5G can be up to 100 times faster than 4G. Best of all, with the technological evolution of recent decades, it is possible to “insert” the internet into practically any device, and make it smart. With cameras something similar happens.

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For a wireless camera to capture images and transmit them to Globo’s central office, a very powerful internet is needed, and as 5G brings extremely fast speeds, the flow of information from the camera to the editing room is very fast and has more Image quality.

The 360-degree camera that costs BRL 300 thousand

The BBB 22 had something to talk about for several reasons, but at one of the famous house parties, sister Slovenia ended up dropping an expensive camera while dancing with a structure. What appeared to be just simple equipment turned into a headache when Big Boss removed 200 stakes from the participant.

The camera destroyed was the Ozo model, from Nokia, and managed to record different angles in up to 360 degrees thanks to its 8 integrated lenses. Cameras of this type are widely used in sports, extreme adventures and programs like reality, as they provide several unique scenes for those who watch.

s Nokia/disclosure

The big problem is that the camera cost US$ 60,000 at the time, which converted to real in 2023 gives about BRL 312 thousand. Cameras like this help to make the show more immersive, and although Globo has not revealed if more devices like this will be in the house, it is very likely that there will be something like that to record other parties in this edition.

So, what do you think of all this technology on the BBB? The 2022 edition promises a lot of fun in the coming months, and Minha Série will accompany all the moments of the most watched house in Brazil!

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