BB Seguros announces protection against theft of personal items including backpacks and electronics

Banco do Brasil launched this week a new type of insurance for personal items that includes different types of accessories, including bags, backpacks, glasses, wallet, etc., in addition to devices such as smartphones, laptops and other electronic devices compatible with the protection of the company .


With a monthly subscription from R$ 9.90 offered by Brasilseg in partnership with BB Seguros, the beneficiary has at his disposal a protection insurance capable of reimbursement in case of theft or robbery, considering pre-established criteria for depreciation of personal items. stolen, so the compensation price may not be integral to the item’s value.

Although the strong point is personal items, the institution emphasizes that personal insurance also covers protection against theft occurring after the user leaves an ATM or bank branch, as well as transactions under duress, that is, under threat, and sending money by Pix under the same conditions.


As with other protection plans offered by BB Seguros, the service can be contracted through the Banco do Brasil app, compatible with both Android and iOS. defined by the client at the time of contracting.

As João Fruet, Commercial Director of Brasilseg, a BB Seguros company, comments, “Our intention was to create an accessible product adapted to the needs of customers, especially in large cities. dangerous and insurance offers support for situations of this type.”

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