Battlefield 6 release date, trailer, and news you need to know

Battlefield 6 release date, battlefield 6 trailer
According to the latest news, the presentation of the release of Battlefield 6 will take place before the end of this week. There are still many things in mystery, but in recent weeks we have been able to gather some of the problems that were left from the continuous dissemination of information, and now we can provide you with a series of fairly clear and reliable ideas.
In theory, “Battlefield 6” will be set in Europe and Asia and will be set in 2030, that is, in the near future, as rumors suggest, it will provide a greater approach than the previous versions, either in multiplayer mode or campaign mode. There will be a battle from 128 to 128, which will take us to visit many regions on two continents.

Battlefield 6 release date:

Battlefield 6 release date is not confirmed yet. The first official demo video is expected to become a trailer and will be available in the next few days. Although the “Battlefield 6” won’t release until later this year. We don’t have a specific date, but most probably it will release near the holiday season which is late November or mid-December.

Battlefield 6 free mode

Multiple rumors have pointed to this information as well, and we increasingly believe that we can almost take it for granted. The “Battle Royale” mode of “Battlefield 6” will become the main competitor of “Call of Duty Warzone” and is free to use, although it can obviously be monetized through small payments.
Battlefield 6 release date, Battlefield 6 2021

What are the requirements of Battlefield 6?

The requirements of Battlefield 6 have not revealed yet. We still want to know if it will become the exclusive game of the current version of the PCs, Xbox Series XS and PS5, or will also appear on PS4 and Xbox One. We will face an intergenerational transition in this case. In the first case, the minimum requirements should be higher than in the second case.
We don’t know the hardware needed to move Battlefield 6 yet, but don’t worry, if you can play Battlefield 5 acceptably, chances are you can play this new game too. There is only one possible exception, that is, it is confirmed as a proprietary product of the current generation of game consoles, that is, it cannot reach PS4 and Xbox One. If this happens, your requirements may be so high that the “Battlefield 5 “Recommended will eventually become the minimum requirement for” Battlefield 6 “.
All in all, I think that with a six-core, twelve-thread processor, RAM of 12GB, Radeon RX 5600-Radeon RX Vega 64, or RTX 2060-GTX 1080, we will be able to play it without any problem. With quality more than acceptable.
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