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Batman Unearthed, the new Spotify podcast is now available

Alfonso Herrera fulfilled a childhood dream by becoming the first Latino actor to bring Batman to life in the podcast what Spotify released internationally.

The actor stars in the Spanish version of Batman Unearthed (Batman unearthed in Spanish), one of the eight options that the platform has developed with DC Comics Y Warner Bros to create an audio experience.

“Batman is one of the most interesting characters in the history of comics and the DC Universe. Giving a voice to this complex superhero and from the hand of great allies such as Fábula, Spotify, Warner Bros., DC and Hari Sama is a great challenge and at the same time a great opportunity to work with great fellow actors reinterpreting this story and creating something very ours. It is an invitation to the public to immerse themselves in this sound universe of Gotham City”, he affirmed. Alfonso Herrera.

The production, which was announced in October 2020 but had not been talked about much since then, bears the stamp of the screenwriter David S. Goyer, author of the comics and movies, including the Knights Darkness trilogy by order of Christopher Nolan.

In addition to the original English version, the new Batman Podcast will have versions in Spanish (Latin America), Italian, Portuguese, French, German, Japanese, Hindi and Indonesian. As for the Spanish version, the podcast is directed by Hari Sama.

What The Batman Unearthed Podcast Is About

According to the synopsis, the new production will feature the villain The Harvester, a serial killer who stalks the city in the face of Batman’s unexpected passivity. For some reason, Bruce Wayne doesn’t remember his role as the Dark Knight and works as a medical examiner at a Gotham Hospital, run by his father, Dr. Thomas Wayne. Therefore, Barbara Gordon must enlist the help of Enigma to find the killer and find out what is going on with the Caped Crusader.

On the other hand, for this first episode, Bruno Diaz, who is played by the Mexican actor Alfonso Herrerais a renowned forensic pathologist who performs autopsies on crimes committed in Gotham City. The murder committed to the victim ‘Jane Doe’ is different from the ones she has seen before, as she will try to find out why her murderer kept her alive while she committed her crime.

Throughout the chapter, fans will not be able to avoid listening and hypothesizing Who is El Cosechador? What is his goal? How does he do the crimes? All of these questions will be answered as the chapter unfolds, with many more to be answered weekly as the chapter is released. New chapter every Tuesday.

The big names that will bring the characters to life in Batman Unearthed

The streaming service announced a very interesting cast for this production. The role of Bruce Wayne/Batman plays him Winston Dukeknown for playing M’Baku in Black Panther and other works in the Cinematic Universe of Marvel.

For its part, Gina Rodriguez It will be Barbara Gordon, and Hasan Minhaj (Enigma), Lance Reddick (Thomas Wayne) and Jason Isaacs (Alfred), among others, will also be added.

From WB, they are excited about the launch of this new podcast. “David Goyer, this incredible cast and the entire Batman Unburied team have created an experience that takes podcast narrative support to the next level. I couldn’t ask for a better way to kick off our creative partnership with Spotify,” he said. Peter Girardi, executive vice president of alternative programming at Warner Bros Animation and added “a unique opportunity to usher in a new era of DC superheroes who are loved throughout the audio world.”

Also, within the cast of batman unearthed for Latin America, well-known characters such as:

Carlos Aragon as alfred

Ana Brenda Contreras as Barbara Gordon

– Zuria Vega as kell

-Alfonso Barbolla as The Riddler

– Noah Hernandez as The Harvester

– Gustavo Sanchez Parra as Doctor Hunter

– Hernan Mendoza as Thomas Wayne

-Ursula Pruneda as Martha Wayne

– Lucia Uribe as René Montoya

– Ximena Romo as Vicky Vale

– Gabriela Warketin as Summer Gleeson


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