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Batman: Tim Burton reveals problem with Jack Nicholson during the film

Batman: Tim Burton reveals problem with Jack Nicholson during the film

Do you remember the 1989 Batman movie? The work featured Michael Keaton in the role of the DC hero, Jack Nicholson in the skin of the infamous Joker and Tim Burton in the direction. By the way, at the time, the filmmaker was at the very beginning of his career in Hollywood and, therefore, taking on the Batman feature was a great challenge for him. Even more so because, as recently revealed, the artist had some issues with Nicholson.

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In an interview with Empire, the director of Os Fantasmas se Divertem (1988) and Wandinha (2022) said that, during the filming of Batman, communication between him and Nicholson was not the best. That’s because Burton had difficulty understanding the actor’s accent and way of speaking.

“Jack has this abstract way of talking. So he’d say things to me and I’d be like, ‘yeah, I get it,’ then I’d ask other people, ‘what the hell was he saying?’ So there was this weird communication: non-linear, non-connective… but it was clear to me. I felt like we had a caveman type of communication,” joked Burton.

Despite the truncated communication on Batman, the filmmaker said it was Nicholson who helped him establish himself in Hollywood and find his way behind the camera. In this sense, the actor would have been like a kind of guide for the young Burton.

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“[Nicholson] protected and embraced me, kept me moving, made me feel at ease with the whole thing. I felt really supported by him in a very deep way. I was young and dealing with a big studio, and he gave me the confidence to do what I needed to do. And him being a supporting voice resonated a lot with the studio. He took me through the whole experience. He gave me strength, “added the director.

Since then, Burton has become one of the giants of the film industry and has accumulated several hits in his portfolio, such as Edward, Scissorhands, The Nightmare World of Jack, Corpse Bride, Alice in Wonderland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory , Sombras da Noite and, more recently, the Netflix series Wandinha.

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