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Batman: Nolan’s film trilogy could be removed from HBO Max

Imagem de: Batman: trilogia de filmes de Nolan pode ser removida do HBO Max

If you’re a fan of cinema or superheroes, you’ve certainly heard of the Batman movies directed by renowned director Christopher Nolan. The trilogy, which is one of the most praised of its kind, features Batman Begins (2005), Batman the dark knight (2008) and Batman the Dark Knight Rises (2012). In the works, who played the Batman was the actor Christian Bale.

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All works in the trilogy The dark Knight, as it became known, were produced by Warner Bros. and, therefore, they were made available on HBO Max streaming, which is owned by the production company and the official home of all the studio’s productions. However, that could change very soon.

In a surprising move, HBO Max is apparently intending to pull the three Batman movies in question from its backlog. The information comes from the website TechRadarwhich stated that Nolan’s trilogy should be available on streaming until February 11. That is, fans of the DC character would only have 16 days, starting today (26), to watch the saga.

The Batman trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan may be leaving HBO Max.Source: Warner Bros.

Remembering that the trilogy The dark Knight was one of DC and Warner Bros.’s greatest successes, grossing US$ 2.46 billion (about RS$ 12.48 billion) at the box office worldwide between 2005 and 2012. For that reason, and also because the films are much loved by moviegoers, the news took many by surprise, generating many doubts and questions.

Reasons for this controversial choice by Warner Bros., however, were not revealed. And, by all indications, these Batman movies will not go to new streaming, like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, for example. Which makes things even weirder. It was also unclear whether this cut would be temporary and, in the future, productions could return to HBO Max.

despite the TechRadar not mentioning in which countries, specifically, this removal of Batman films will take place, it is very likely that all regions of the world, including Brazil, will be affected. We contacted HBO’s advisory in Brazil, but we still haven’t received any answers on the matter.

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So if you want to watch the trilogy again The dark Knightenjoy, before it’s too late.

Changes at Warner Bros. discovery

Since the management of Warner Bros. changed and the company merged with Discovery, several changes have been made in their content divisions. Among them, there was, for example, the cancellation of the release of the film batgirl, which was almost finished and would air through HBO Max. Some HBO original movies and series were also removed from the streaming catalog without prior notice, generating revolt among subscribers, who felt aggrieved.

DC, which has its cinematographic works and serials adapted by Warner Bros., was not left out of the remodeling either. After James Gunn and Peter Safran took charge of the division, many works already scheduled for the DC Cinematic Universe (DCU) were cut or put on stand by. Actor Henry Cavill, who had returned as Superman, for example, was “fired” and left the role, which also happened to Dwayne Johnson, The Rock, who announced that black adam won’t have a sequel (at least for now).

To complete, some international vehicles reported that HBO Max may end to make room for a new streaming service, which would unite Warner and Discovery content. This, however, is still treated as a rumor, as the companies have not yet commented.

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