This July 21 Warner Bros. releases its film of the summer, and if it is up to the promotional campaign also of the year: Barbie. Greta Gerwigafter succeeding with Lady Bird and little womendirects from a script that he has co-written with Noah Baumbach around Mattel’s wrist, finally with the features of margot robbie. will accompany you ryan gosling as Ken on an adventure beyond the walls of Barbie LandAlthough a lot of effort has gone into designing this place.

The home of Barbie and Ken has been glimpsed in the trailers as a territory of bright colors and very elaborate design. Gerwig has spoken with Architectural Digest around its creation, accompanied by the production designer Sarah Greenwood. “Keep the childish character it was paramount. He wanted the pinks to be very bright and everything was very excessiveGerwig explains. The Barbie Land that appears in the film is inspired by the modernist architecture that he built Palm Springs in the mid 50’s.

It is also marked by movie-going references, citing titles such as An American in Paris either Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure. Gerwig points out that it was very important to her “not to forget what made me love Barbie when I was little”, and this memory was permeated with pink colour. “The color pink was central to the film,” they say, which is why industrial amounts of the fluorescent shade of the rosco paint. According to Greenwood, this use caused national shortages of the paint.

“The world… ran out of rose”, he assures. Barbie Land is marked by artificiality, so that in this way the contrast is more intense when Barbie and Ken leave home. The transfer of realities can already be perceived in the Barbie trailers that have been coming, and they suggest a comedy that combines the surreal with the existentialist.

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