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Ban on real guns on new ‘Rust’ set

Ban on real guns on new 'Rust' set

The new filming set of the film Rust does not allow real weapons on its premises following the fateful death of the film’s cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins, in October 2021.

According to information from The New York Timesthe assistant director of the tape, Gerard DiNardi, has assured that “there are no weapons on the set” and that the film’s new gunsmith, Andrew Wert, has detailed that the fake bullets used for the making of the film are made of rubber and wood and are painted gold.

In addition, Wert has redesigned weapons so that they cannot be fired and they are all locked away in a suitcase when not needed for scenes.

The recordings of the controversial tape were resumed on April 20 in Montana (USA)eighteen months after the accidental discharge of the gun carried by actor Alec Baldwin that killed Hutchins.

New Mexico State Attorney’s Office filed two counts of involuntary manslaughter against Alec Baldwin in January for the death of the director.

The charges against Baldwinwho activated the prop weapon that killed the cinematographer, were dismissed by a judge last week, although the investigation will continue and the actor could again receive new charges.

The person in charge of the security protocol during the recording, Hannah Gutierrez Reedalso was charged with involuntary manslaughterwhile assistant director David Halls, in charge of delivering the weapon to Baldwin, accepted a misdemeanor charge in a plea agreement.

Last month, the film’s production company and New Mexico authorities reached out to an agreement for which the company paid a fine of 100,000 dollars (about 91,100 euros) for the security failures in the filming found in the investigation of the facts.

The film producer Rust is also working on un documentary about the completion of the film and the life and work of Hutchins.

The project has the support of Hutchins’ widower and will be directed by Rachel Mason and produced by Julee Metz.

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