Home Tech News Bad Bunny, Karol G, recipes and more popular TikTok videos during 2022

Bad Bunny, Karol G, recipes and more popular TikTok videos during 2022

Bad Bunny, Karol G, recipes and more popular TikTok videos during 2022
Summary of the trends and popular videos of the year 2022 on TikTok (Capture)

Year 2022 is a few weeks away from completion and different Applications They are making a summary of the best of the year on their platforms. TikTok also adds to the trend and spread its annual summary of the end of the year to celebrate the moments that marked trends over the past 12 months.

“We are honored to celebrate our community who shaped this year’s trends, shared new ideas, learned from others, and turned their passions into careers and livelihoods throughout 2022″, said Vanessa Pappas, Director of Operations for TikTok. “Over a billion people came together to experience joy, connection and a sense of belonging on TikTok”

The favorites of the “For You” section in 2022

The videos with the best contents were present in the section “For you” within the app developed by ByteDance and included different themes, moments, situations and even crossed the borders of different countries.

TikTok user @Ox_zung shares curious hacks

One of the most popular videos of the platform and that came to accumulate a total of 9 million likes, more than 17 thousand comments and 37 thousand times shared was the one created by the user @ox_zung, in which he shows a series of secrets, hacks and curiosities within the platform with a video that lasts less than 30 seconds.

Globally, the artist rosalia managed to get to this section using his song Cake to get 17 million likes, 96 thousand comments and 233 thousand shares with a video just over 15 seconds in TikTok.

The favorites of Learn on TikTok in the year 2022

The contents didactic of “Learn on TikTok” is not a section as such, but covers a community of people interested in acquiring new skills and knowledge within the app. With the hashtag, #LearnInTikTok people can discover new prescriptionsbeauty routines or wellness and tips that can make life a little easier with a little creativity.

TikTok user @laprofemonica_ teaches the correct use of the semicolon in a text

Some of the popular videos from this community of TikTok they related to topics like styling hair and learning to cook. However one of the curiosities that could be found in the application section was the one taught by the user @laprofemonica, a teacher who taught her community of students some cases in which the semicolon could be applied in a text.

The end of the video teacher proceeded to to interact with his community requesting that users write new examples in order to generate a better dynamic with his students and people interested in grammar.

The most used songs in TikTok videos in 2022

One of the aspects that identifies the contents of TikTok corresponds to the possibility of using songs to create videos of all kinds. In the case of 2022, the most popular songs were created by different artists of a wide variety of musical genres.

The song Me porto bonito by Bad Bunny and Chencho Corleone was one of the popular trends on TikTok

“I behave pretty”, by the Puerto Rican artist, bad bunny in collaboration with Chencho Corleone, he ranked as one of the platform’s global trends along with other singers such as Demi Lovato (Cool for the Summer), Yung Lean (Ginseng Strip 2002) and WILLOW (Wait a minute).

Particularly in the case of Colombia, session 52 of the music producer bizarre together with the Spanish singer Quevedo, It was also one of the trends among users who created content on the platform.

On the other hand, the artists whose songs appeared most frequently as a reason for the trends of TikTok They are diverse, as are the uses that people give to their productions. Shakira With his success “I congratulate you, how well you act…” he was present in second place in the top 5 artists.

The complete list locates Carol G. as the most viral, surpassing ShakiraCamilo, Dekko and Soley Dj in the preferences of the Colombian public.

These were the most popular food videos on TikTok in 2022

Like the community of #LearnInTikTokusers are interested in learning about new prescriptions of food to try different flavors in the hands of kitchen professionals or people who are passionate about cooking food.

TikTok user @lasrecetasdesimon shares his recipe for stuffed potatoes

One of the most popular videos of TikTok in this section for foodies and that brought together people from all over the world was the one created by the user @lasrecetasdesimon in which the ingredients and steps necessary to make a stuffed potato with cheese and bacon.

Videos with the recipes to make churros, tequeños, plantain empanadas and passion fruit-mango popsicles were also among the preferences of the users.

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