Bad Bunny confirms that ‘El Muerto’ is buried: the spin-off of the Spider-Man universe is definitively canceled

Nobody really understands what they’re doing. sony with its universe of secondary characters Spider-Man. Based on the great box office success of Venomthe major saw it opportune to build a franchise completely in the shadow of the MCUwith no intention of including Peter Parker from Tom Holland in it but incorporating secondary characters associated with the Spider-Man cartoons. like his own Venombut also Morbius, Kraven the Hunter, Madame Web either The dead. Yes, it’s not that they are the most well-known characters in the world.

In fact Morbius, with Jared Letowas a very notorious failure last year, and things are not looking much better for Kraven the Hunterwhat with Aaron Taylor-Johnson in front has been delayed October 6, 2024. While Venom 3with more options to succeed, is scheduled for 12th of July, and around Madame Web with Dakota Johnson final preparations while we know about something called Hypno Hustler (which would star Donald Glover) and the future of The dead is sealed.

The dead It was going to be a movie starring Bad Bunny. After his celebrated appearance in bullet trainthe singer committed to playing El Muerto, antihero of the Spider-Man universe, in a film that he would write Jonas Cuaron (son of Alfonso). Sony was encouraged to set a release date for January 2024, but that was a long time ago. Since then the project has not moved forward, and the last we heard about it is that Sony had removed it from its schedule, leaving it in limbo.

Bad Bunny has just been interviewed in Vanity Fairand at one point he confirmed what was expected: The dead has been canceled altogether. She’s not going to move forward, and he’s not going to be the one to star in her. “I don’t know what to say about it. This is a delicate topic but, obviously, it is a film that no longer exists.” There was never much faith that The dead prosper, although Bad Bunny’s fame could pull the car, and it is a new blow to the turbulent Venomverse from a Sony that, at least, sees how its animated approaches to Spider-Man (from A new universe) do connect with the public and critics.

In the comics, El Muerto is the alter ego of Juan Carlos Sánchez, a wrestling celebrity who gains powers. In the comics he has faced Spider-Man on a recurring basis since 2006, but from time to time he has also teamed up with him against a common threat.

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