Bad Bunny and J Balvin fired Marciano Cantero: how they made Un peso, the song they recorded togetherThe singer of Enanitos Verdes was invited to OASIS, the album that the reggaeton figures released as a duo in 2019

Bad Bunny and J Balvin fired Marciano Cantero: how they made Un peso, the song they recorded togetherThe singer of Enanitos Verdes was invited to OASIS, the album that the reggaeton figures released as a duo in 2019

J Balvin, Bad Bunny Ft. Marciano Cantero – Un Peso (Live At The Uforia Music Concert In Dallas)

On Thursday afternoon, September 8, he passed away. Horacio Eduardo Marciano Cantero Hernandez in his native Mendoza. The news shocked music fans across America and many fired the singer and bassist from Enanitos Verdes on social networks.

Among many, the condolences of bad bunny Y J Balvincurrent global reggaeton stars who in 2019 invited the man from Mendoza to join “Un peso”, a song by OASISthe album they signed as a duet.

“May God have you in glory, Marciano Cantero. We will never forget your good vibes and disposition with such humility. Giant you are and will be because you marked a generation FOREVER”, The Colombian wrote in the early hours of Friday, a few hours after the death, and next to a photo in which he is seen with the Argentine singer.

J Balvin’s farewell to Marciano Cantero (Photo: Instagram)

On Friday afternoon, bad bunny he also paid his tribute to Marciano. Simple, without words, just with a black and white photo of the Argentineto which he added the emoji of a dove with an olive branch – a characteristic symbol of peace – and another of two hands joined in a prayer pose.

OASIS, album that brought together the Puerto Rican with the Colombian, was released at the end of June 2019. So far it is the only work that the rappers signed together, consolidated as a duet. It consists of eight songs, among which “La cancion” and “Qué pretendes” stood out as hits. But it also stands out there “Un peso”, a reggaeton with a carnival air that recounts the end of a relationship and has the seal of Marciano. “And your idiotic heart will always miss me”, sings J Balvin in his verse, citing the “Bolivian Lament” that the Dwarfs made popular throughout America -the original song is by the band from Mendoza Ethyl alcohol-.

“You will not be able to undergo aesthetic surgery of the soul / To change something that does not fail you / Your cornerstone, your cornerstone / What are you going to love me! / I existed if you imagined me / And I would jump if you said “frog” / But I got tired of being your asshole,” Cantero sings in his verse and breaks his voice in the transition to the bridge. “Why did you lose sensitivity? / You left alone without looking back / You learned to differentiate between what seems and what is / What is written in the stars / What is written on paper / There are other loves too, like Forrest Gump’s girlfriend / He says the clock on the wall, if our love ended yesterday / What are you going to love me, what are you going to love me?”, he sings and then intertwines verses with the reggaetoneros.

Bad Bunny's tribute to Marciano Cantero (Photo: Instagram)
Bad Bunny’s tribute to Marciano Cantero (Photo: Instagram)

“They called me and I was fascinated by the first thing they told me: ‘Teacher, teacher, thank you for making our adolescence happy‘. Later they told me: ‘Teacher, we have a song and we are in a bottleneck, we need you to help us get out of there, we know you can do it’. And I was happy, because there are few joys greater than that of composing. They called me to a game that I love, which is to write about a love that ended. I said ‘Wow, that’s what I’m a specialist for’. It worked. How can I explain it to you? It was a meeting that kept me excited all the time”, Marciano told La Voz del Interior about this collaboration.

“When I started working, the next day my son arrived, I told him everything, and he helped me round out the idea. He is a geek of effects, studio tricks and whatnot. I sent everything he had to Balvin and he told me: ‘Brutal, great’. I sent him vocals, bass and guitars, but they ended up using my voice alone. Without percussion, I think with the sole company of the ukulele. I loved it, because I took a risk in a way. I know that they are questioned characters, but at this moment, who can say: ‘I have the truth’? Where are the music police? I found it very gratifying that they called me, that they made me work. These bastards are very good with words, they are very clever. And at that point, I feel like we’re playing the same cards,” she added.

The only time the three of them sang the song together live was in August 2019, at the Uforia Music Concert, organized in the North American city of Dallas. Marciano was also a guest at the show that J Balvin gave at the Movistar Arena, in December 2019. And he went up with his bass to sing his parts of “Un peso”. “For me he is a legend and I have been a fan of him all my life, he is from one of the most important Argentine rock groups,” the Colombian introduced him that night.