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Backbone One PlayStation Edition gets Android version

Almost a year after launching an iPhone version, Backbone announced this Tuesday (23) the Backbone One PlayStation Edition for Android. Despite not bringing any major difference in terms of features, the control draws attention to being born from an official partnership with Sony, with design and construction inspired by DualSense, the PS5 controller.

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As a control for smartphones, Backbone One brings what was expected: the accessory has a retractable design to support different cell phone sizes, is connected through the USB-C port to avoid latency, has a P2 port for headphones and USB-C passthrough to charge your phone while playing, plus a dedicated app to manage settings and use some of the cool tricks included.

Among these tricks are the quick capture of screeenshots and gameplay videos through the dedicated button, quick access to the Backbone application and even the possibility of silencing the smartphone. What makes the launch special is the fact that it is the “PlayStation Edition”, developed in partnership with Sony. The joint work is already visible in the design, totally inspired by the PS5’s DualSense.

The color, the buttons and even the materials are similar to the official PlayStation controller, but unfortunately the most advanced technologies, such as adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, have not been implemented. Another benefit of purchasing the special version is better integration with PS Remote Play, streaming games directly from the PS5, and with the PlayStation App, quickly accessed by pressing the Options button twice. Both were recently updated to work with the phone horizontally.

The package of differentials closes with the customizations made in the Backbone app itself, which displays PlayStation icons and buttons, includes games played by PS Remote Play in the library and concentrates news and releases from the Sony console. Despite this, the manufacturer points out that the control works with native Android games and even with other streaming services – yes, Xbox Game Pass is one of them.

price and availability

The Backbone One PlayStation Edition for Android is now available abroad, with a suggested price of US$ 99.99 (~R$ 500). The control is already listed with a Brazilian price on the official website of the brand, for R$ 980, but it cannot yet be purchased.

Considering that the iPhone version is sold unofficially on Amazon, for about R$ 740, it is possible that the model for cell phones with Google’s system will also appear on the retailer soon.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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