Babylon: New Video Exalts ‘Depravity’ in Hollywood; watch!

A newly released video from the epic Babylon features director Damien Chazelle — the same as Whiplash and La La Land —, highlighting that his new work will show the “depravity and debauchery” of Hollywood, when it was still in its infancy. Chazelle also argues that her new project is the biggest yet of her career. See below under “Welcome to Babylon”:


Babylon takes place in Hollywood during the transition from silent to talkies, from the perspective of a production assistant played by Diego Calva. The feature film has already had a few screenings and, for now, has shared the criticism of those who had the chance to check it out.


In addition to Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie and Diego Calva, the film’s cast will also feature names such as Jean Smart, Jovan Adepo, Li Jun Li, PJ Byrne, Lukas Haas, Olivia Hamilton, Tobey Maguire, Max Minghella, Rory Scovel, Katherine Waterston , Flea, Jeff Garlin, Eric Roberts, Ethan Suplee, Samara Weaving, Olivia Wild, among others.

The film is scheduled to hit theaters on December 23, 2022. So, do you intend to watch Damien Chazelle’s work?

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