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Ayrton Senna series on Netflix: know everything about the project

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One of the most famous Formula 1 drivers in Brazil and the world will win a series on Netflix. We are talking about the iconic Ayrton Senna, champion in the sport three times: 1988, 1990 and 1991. Born in 1960, the Brazilian died early, at just 34 years old, in 1994, as a result of an accident during the San Marino Grand Prix, in Italy, in which his car crashed heavily into a wall. Since then, Senna has been one of the most honored and celebrated sportsmen in the world.

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Now, the pilot will be the subject of a new biographical series, called Senna, which is already described on several international sites as “the most ambitious series ever made in Latin America”. By the way, the interpreter of Senna has already been defined by Netflix and will be the actor Gabriel Leone, who has participated in productions such as Sun (2021) and Eduardo and Monica (2020), for example.

Check out the official announcement below:

Senna: what to expect from the Netflix series?

As the Netflix tweet reveals, Senna will be a six-episode miniseries based on the life of the Brazilian pilot. The project had already been announced in 2020, however, it has only now begun to gain more details and notoriety. We already know that the production director will be Vicente Amorim, who has already directed titles like The Princess of the Yakuza (2021), dirty hearts (2011) and A good man (2008).

“I had many idols in the sport, but only one hero, Senna. I watched his races, I cheered for him, I was inspired by him and I cried when he died. Senna was an international hero and, through Netflix, a series about him will have a global reach – it will be an international series, produced and directed by Brazilians, that will move people and tell the fantastic story of Senna to new audiences and old fans around the world”, said Amorin in an interview with Variety.

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Senna’s official synopsis has also already been released: “The miniseries will explore the personality and family relationships of Ayrton Senna da Silva. The starting point will be the beginning of Ayrton’s career, when he moved to England, and will culminate in the tragic accident in Imola, Italy, during the San Marino Grand Prix, when he died”.

That is, fans of the pilot can expect strong emotions in Sennawhich I still don’t get a premiere prediction on Netflix.

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