Avengers Ultimatum wins ‘tunada’ version with Batman, Avatar and more; look!

Imagem de: Vingadores Ultimato ganha versão

During Avengers: Endgame, one of the most celebrated scenes by viewers is the great final battle, which brings together several superheroes in a fierce fight against the villain Thanos. We see, for example, figures like Thor, Captain America, Ant-Man, Black Panther, among many others, united in favor of a single objective: to save humanity. But what if this epic scene featured even more pop culture characters, from Batman to the Na’vi people of Avatar?

Recently, a tweet that went viral showed exactly that, adding several ‘random’ movie figures to the fight against Thanos, such as characters from avatarin Lord of the RingsArrow, Batman and even Achilles from the movie troy. The hilarious cut is accompanied by the following caption: “Never buy movies at the gas station”.

As if the minute-long scene wasn’t already absurd enough, YouTuber McSuperfly, who created the unusual sequence above, went even further and conceived an hour-long video of Avengers: Endgame filled with even more pop culture characters.

In the extended version, we also see Wolverine, Gus Fring (breaking bad), Joker, Pennywise (It: The Thing), Darth Vader (Star Wars) and Captain Patria (The Boys), for example. The battle even includes side fights with epic encounters including Voldemort, Predator and Doctor Manhattan, plus Jon Snow and Kylo Ren in a sword and lightsaber fight. Watch the full video:

Of course, in reality, a crossover of this size would be practically impossible to do, especially due to the curious mix of characters that would hardly cross each other. But as the internet is the home of the impossible, McSuperfly presented us with quite a work, which makes us even think about which other heroes (or not) could have clashed with Thanos.

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Released in 2019, Avengers: Ultimatum made cinema history by ending one of the greatest arcs ever seen on the big screen. The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) feature film, directed by Anthony Russo and Joe Russo, was the end of a story that began 10 years ago, with the release of Iron Man (2008), and mobilized fans of Marvel heroes around the world. No wonder, the work is still the second most profitable in the history of cinema, with a box office of $ 2.79 billion, second only to Avatar (2009), which earned $ 2.92 billion.