Home Entertainment Avatar: The Way of Water is grandiose and immersive, say early reviews

Avatar: The Way of Water is grandiose and immersive, say early reviews

Avatar: The Way of Water is grandiose and immersive, say early reviews

Scheduled for December 15th, the release of the film Avatar: O Caminho da Água promises to move the world of cinema this year-end🇧🇷 Directed by James Cameron, the feature is a direct sequel to the first film, released in 2009, which brought the story of the planet Pandora, a place full of riches inhabited by the Na’vi people.

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Despite still having a few days to go before its premiere, Avatar 2 has already been watched by a few select critics, who have already written their first impressions of the production online. In general, the reactions indicate a great and immersive film🇧🇷 Look!

Sean O’Connell of the Cinema Blend website said: “Never bet against James Cameron. The Way on Water surpasses the original in every way. Amazing visuals, but a greater emotional connection to the characters and story. The final hour is Cameron showing all his talent, reminding blockbuster directors how it’s done”.


For Collider’s Perri Nemiroff, the film lives up to Cameron’s legacy. “The Way of Water is incredible. I had faith that James Cameron would take it to the next level with the effects, but the visuals are fantastic. One beautiful frame after another. But what I love most is how every technical resource is always at service of the characters and the universe,” he said.

Brandon Davis of ComicBook points out that the film is even more complex than the first. “Avatar: The Way of Water is a never-ending show. It’s better, with a more complex story than the first, with solid emotion, but the characters could have developed a little more. It’s a long movie, leaning on amazing visuals and the best 3D techniques”.


Ian Sandwell of Digital Spy also commented on the film being a visual spectacle, especially the last act. “Unsurprisingly, Avatar: The Way of Water is a visual masterpiece with a rich use of 3D and breathtaking cutscenes. It suffers a little from a thin story and too many characters, but James Cameron still manages to pull it off. all for one last extraordinary act, full of emotion and action”.

Journalist Jack Shepherd, who has also watched the film, highlighted the characters and the end of the work. “Avatar: The Way of Water pushes CGI to new levels and utilizes the word ‘family’ more than any Fast & Furious film. While some characters are underused, Pandora is miraculously well placed. The underwater scenes are glorious, the latter third of the film is packed with incredible action – see it in IMAX!”

Amanda Salas, from FOX LA, even went further and said that the film is her favorite of 2022. “Feliz NA’Vidad [Natal], in fact! The Path of Water is a masterpiece of cinema! I enjoyed it even more than the first one! It captures gorgeous visuals and touches the heart by reminding us what really matters in life. Family, home, nature and survival. My favorite movie of the year!”


With these great reactions, we can only wait to see what Avatar 2 reserve us. Remembering that the film opens on December 15th.

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