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Avatar: see when the next films in the franchise will be released

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Confirming the already expected success, this last Sunday (22), Avatar: The Way of Water repeated the feat of his predecessor avatar and reached a worldwide box office of $2 billion. The director, screenwriter and creator of this universe of billionaire films, James Cameron, had already said that the film would only fully pay for itself and make a profit if it reached that mark.

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Fortunately, even after a 13-year wait for the sequel to be released, the film’s response proves that there is still a lot of public curiosity in the world of Pandora and the adventures of its characters. Even more so with the incredible 3D experience that only Cameron can provide.

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To the satisfaction of the public, the sequels already confirmed in the franchise will not repeat the delay of more than a decade to be released. Find out more about the future of the saga below.

Avatar 3: The Seed Bearer

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The third feature that will continue to tell the story of the Na’vi is scheduled for release on December 20, 2024. The project was recorded simultaneously with Avatar: The Way of Waterso the probability that the movie is continually delayed as Avatar 2 was is small. Producer Jon Landau confirmed to Collider in December 2022 that 95% of the film is already shot.

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For 20 minutes, James Cameron confirmed that the third film will focus on fire. The sequel will see the appearance of what he called the “People of the Ashes”, a group that will bring out the darker side of the Na’vi.

From this film too, Lo’ak, son of protagonist Jake Sully, will take his father’s place as narrator of the story.

Avatar 4

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In 2018, a BBC report leaked the names of the 4 sequels to avatarr confirmed so far. For the time being, the article has agreed on the titles of the second sequel already released and the third, confirmed for December 2024. So, by speculation, it is expected that the fourth film in the franchise will be called Avatar: The Tulkun Rider (Avatar: The Knight of Tulkunin free translation).

The feature is scheduled to premiere on December 18, 2026 and already has part of its filmed material. In the same Collider interview cited above, producer Jon Landau confirmed that the first act of the fourth film has already been entirely filmed.

Previously, James Cameron had informed that the confirmation of the fourth and fifth part would depend on the reception of the public to the sequence released in 2022. However, now that the mark of US$ 2 billion has already been reached, the launch can already be taken for granted. of sequels.

However, Cameron still doesn’t know if he will direct this and the last film in the Na’vi saga. In an interview with Empire Magazine, in July 2022, the creator of the world of Pandora confirmed that he may not direct the last two films, for the reason that they take a lot of time in his life and he is unable to carry out other projects that he wants. For now, there is still no more information about the participation of James Cameron in the ending of Avatar.

Avatar 5

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In the aforementioned BBC report, it was reported that the planned fifth and final film in the franchise would be titled Avatar: The Quest for Eywa (Avatar: The Quest for Eywain free translation).

Scheduled for release on December 22, 2028, the franchise’s finale will show Earth, but not in the way we know it. According to producer Jon Landau, in an interview with Empire, the film will show the planet in its darkest version.

For now, this is the information released about the film that should end the saga of James Cameron.

Avatar 6 and 7

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For The Hollywood Reporter, Cameron stated that if the second film had a good result at the box office, the sequels Avatar 6 It is 7 would already be in their plans. However, nothing has been announced or officially confirmed so far.

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