‘Avatar’, in Wes Anderson version: Bill Murray transforms into a Na’vi

The advance of the Artificial intelligence It is allowing us to meet our favorite actors and characters in montages from other cinematographic universes that are very different from the original ones. This is the case of Avatar, that now receives the visit of the fetish actors and the pastel colors of Wes Anderson.

Under the title of The Peculiar Pandora Expedition, Curious Refuge has taken advantage of technological advances to introduce us to Adrien Brody, Gwyneth Paltrow, Anjelica Huston, Luke Wilson, Jason Schwartzman, and Bill Murray like some of the Na’vi.

Meanwhile, the most hilarious transformations are at the expense of Timothée Chalametlike Spider; tilda swintonwho transforms into Dr. Augustine; Willem Dafoe, like Colonel Quaritch; and Owen Wilsonlike a Mountain Banshee

The video lasts 2 minutes and also allows us to take a look at the curious version of the Tree of Souls, the Aerospatiale SA-2 Samson (the double-rotor, three-engine helicopter) or loincloths for film censorship.

Again, the symmetry, the pastel color palette, the traveling shot and the zenithal approach They are the keys to adapt the characteristics of Wes Anderson’s cinema to the Pandora universe, which could take good note for the three sequels that will arrive in the coming years.

Precisely, Anderson was triumphing these days in Cannes with the premiere of Asteroid City, the film shot in Chinchón (Madrid) and with a heart-stopping cast made up of faces like Scarlett Johanson, Tom Hanks, Margot Robbie, Tilda Swinton, Bryan Cranston, Adrien Broody, Matt Dillon or Maya Hawke, among many other actors from Hollywood. A title that will arrive in Spain next June 16.

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