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“Avatar 2” is coming. “The essence of water” in the first photos and video

Avatar 2

Thirteen years after the premiere of “Avatar”, the first photos and videos with fragments of its continuation hit the web. Their source is the trailer, which will be shown in cinemas shortly before the screening of “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”. Thanks to them we know what we can expect from the movie “Avatar 2” entitled “Avatar: Water creatures”.

“Avatar” by James Cameron and Fox, which debuted in 2009, is one of the highest-grossing films in the history of cinematography. Only after a decade   , Marvel-  licensed superhero films  from Disney reached  the same  box office level. Despite this, until now none of the several sequels promised more than a decade ago have appeared. However, that will change soon.

“Avatar 2” is to hit theaters this year


It is true that after so many years of waiting, I will not believe the distributor’s promises until I actually see this film in the cinema, but fortunately there are many indications that this time the creators will keep their word. One of the key proofs that this is happening is the fact that a marketing campaign has finally been launched by Disney, which, years after the premiere of “Avatar”, became the owner of the Fox label.

One of the elements of the promotional campaign of the sequel to “Avatar” is the preview of the first teaser that viewers will see before the screening of “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”. This trailer of “Avatar 2” will be available on the web only a week later – at least officially, because social media clips with excerpts of this material and the first stills from the film are already circulating on social media.


The sequel to the film “Avatar”, or “Avatar: The Way of Water”, will debut in Poland on December 16, 2022, under the title “Avatar: The Way of Water”.

“Avatar 2” or “Avatar: Essential Water” is not the only continuation of “Avatar” that James Cameron is currently working on. Subsequent parts are now to be released in cinemas every two years, i.e. in 2024 (“Avatar 3”), 2026 (“Avatar 4”) and in 2028 (“Avatar 5”), respectively. However, I will not be surprised if Disney will postpone these premiere dates more than once.


It is also worth noting that Disney, apart from “Avatar 2” and its sequels, plans to release a refreshed version of the first “Avatar” to theaters, which is a great idea. Thirteen years after the premiere, I only remember the fact that I left the screening very disappointed, because I was familiar with science fiction epics, and I got such “Pocahontas”, but with aliens …


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